Have you already created your Website? 3 Actions to have more visits and sales - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Having an attractive website, business-oriented and that looks perfectly on all devices, is essential for every venture or company. But it is important to be aware that online presence alone does not ensure success. In this article we tell you 3 essential tasks that you must perform to bring your business strategy to success, and advice from each of them.

1. Register your company in Google My Business

We have told you about this topic more than once, but it is essential to insist, since many companies have not yet registered with Google My Business. The advantages are multiple, you will occupy a preponderant space in the search engine, you will inform your opening or closing times, and you will show your best photos for your audience.

Do you usually spend a short time in front of your PC? It’s not an excuse! You can also download the app on your smartphone and manage it from there.

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2. Manage Google Adwords advertising

The Google Advertising System increases its importance year after year, and is an indispensable ally for brands that want to grow in their sales or budget requests from the web. Arming a campaign in Google Adwords takes only a few minutes, although it should be noted that not everything is so simple, and it requires experience to do it in such a way that it gives you a high return on your advertising investment.

If you like homework and have time, go ahead! AdWords is increasingly intuitive. And if it is not something that you are interested in doing for yourself, hire an agency for it. Some tips:

  • Verify that you are a registered Google partner. This ensures that professionals have passed exams, and they already have active clients who invest month by month.
  • Make sure that they inform you how much money will go to advertising investment, and how much to the management subscription, so that you know what you are really spending on advertising.
  • Ask at the end of each month for a detailed report of all the clicks made and their geographical location so that you can verify if your money is being invested wisely, or at the other end it is being squandered.

3. Create your FanPage and your Instagram account, and advertise there

Having your Facebook page and your Instagram account is an ideal complement to your website. You can start creating an audience of followers, and show your products and promotions there, in addition to reflecting your knowledge and experience to the community.

Keep in mind that having accounts in social networks and advertising on them go hand in hand, since it is very difficult to have a sustained and constant growth without an advertising investment, which should be noted does not necessarily have to be of a very high economic value.

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