How can Content Marketing reduce CAC? 2020 -

Although there is much speculation about the financial crisis plaguing our country’s companies, we are living in a moment never before seen in the market. The democratization generated by digital marketing has made it possible for any company to compete on an equal footing. Simple and inexpensive features such as content marketing, for example, may be relevant to the lead qualification for your business.Individual customer service care, personalization, marketing segmentation and targeting, customer relationship management (CRM) and headhunter human resources concepts. Businessman with magnifying glass focused on one person.

That content marketing is an excellent inbound marketing tool no one argues. But how to work with this kind of strategy to strengthen your brand, drive qualified traffic and sales, and obviously without increasing the company’s customer acquisition cost (CAC)?

This is exactly what we will discuss in this post. We want to demonstrate that you can lower CAC by using content marketing as your primary tactic. Check out!

Importance of knowing your company’s CAC

Many companies work without assessing how much was spent to attract a potential buyer to your product or service. They see only the end of the process, when they can make a sale or not. They forget that perhaps the cost to win the customer was not compensatory, and working on strategies that reduce customer acquisition costs can increase the company’s ROI.

The first thing to do before any decision to make your business digital is to measure costs to see if your marketing investment pays off the number of customers you actually reach.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one aspect of inbound marketing, which can also be called attraction marketing. In this model – unlike the traditional one where the brand runs after the customer – a set of techniques is used to make the consumer find the product or service.

In this context, content marketing is nothing more than the production of quality content that is relevant to answer questions and meet customer wishes. Thus, the customer consumes this content and builds a relationship of authority and trust with the brand, tending to become a lead and, in the future, a customer of the company.

Content Marketing Lowers Your Business CAC

1. Create your buyer personas

Buyer persona is the English term for “ideal customer”. By working with content geared toward the ideal persona, your business avoids wasting time and money on an audience that is not part of your business profile. The important thing about content marketing is to focus on leads that add value and reinforce the brand, generating more sales for your business.

2. Create content for people, not robots

One of the big mistakes when working with content marketing is worrying only about SEO, keywords, or just search engines. Tailoring your content and optimizing it to be found more easily is critical, but it should all be done with the user’s expectations in mind. After all, who will read your content will be people, so build meaningful and engaging content for them.

Rest assured, if your content is good, customers will come to you spontaneously and your chances of generating a new business are great, because your users will pass their data on to you in exchange for some rich content or something that really adds value. their life. This really is inbound marketing that works.

3. Promote your content

Promoting and distributing your content is far more cost-effective than many other customer purchases, such as travel or business at the wrong time, when the customer is not ready to buy. Always make sure you’re targeting your content to the right audience and places.

4. Review and track metrics to track your progress.

An essential step in deciding to use content marketing as a strategy to successfully reduce CAC is always to keep track of metrics and constantly analyze your inbound performance. Without this monitoring, it is difficult to know if your efforts have worked, as well as identifying failures and proposing solutions.

The best ways to measure this progress are social media, checking visibility, reach, actions, shares, etc. Beyond this analysis of the impact on social media, one must always keep an eye on the potential leads. To do this, always monitor whether inbound marketing is really generating qualified leads. This is the most important thing in the whole process: constantly monitoring to see when the right time to send the content that will generate the sale, after all, that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

Finally, if your organization wants to generate and nurture significant leads for your type of business while still reducing your CAC, content marketing will be the best alternative.

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