How can I no longer be IGNORED? 2020 Guide -

We have ALL experienced this feeling as a content creator. This feeling that makes us empty, that demoralizes us, and that makes us ask if what we are doing is worth continuing … I’m talking about the feeling of being invisible

I sincerely think that for a blogger, for a content creator, this is the worst thing that can happen.

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Do you know what I’m talking about?

  • When we send an email and no one reacts…
  • When you publish an article and all you hear is the sound of locusts …
  • When we upload a video and there are no comments below …

It’s terrible.

Not because we want to have likes or retweets at all costs, no.

At the limit, we do it.

But if this feeling is terrible, it is because we have the impression that everyone does not care about our content. Because nobody reacts when we try to give our best advice and really help our readers …

And because suddenly, it feels like you’re working for nothing.

I’ve wanted to talk about this for a long time, because I know it’s something that touches a lot of my readers. Lots of content creators.

However ? I have never done it.

I didn’t know how to do it, and I didn’t want to give only small tips, advice on boats…

I wanted to give a real method.

Something that, when applied, changes everything from “invisible blogger” to “Creator of important content that we listen to and follow”.

I’ve been looking for a long time … and today I know.

This is why I share this video with you:

Yes yes: it’s Antoine BM’s head. Antoine uses the method I share with you in this video – and you will see that it works pretty well for him.

In this video, I will reveal a UNIQUE method to stand out from the crowd, become the benchmark for your theme and never (but never again) be ignored.

Warning: I am not saying that if you send an email tomorrow, you will have thousands of followers at your feet.

I’m just saying that if you realize (and apply) what I share with you in this video,you will never be invisible and seen as a regular blogger.

Conversely: you will gradually be perceived as a real character in your theme – that people will want to follow.

Your readers will then become real fans and your customers will be loyal customers, who will buy from you again and again.

I call the method that I am revealing to you in this video “The” Starter Pack “method.

This is basically a joke made on Twitter and I’m explaining to you here how content creators like Ramit Sethi (or Antoine BM) use it to stand out – and today be super influential.

A real change in your business and in the way the readers of your theme will see you if you apply these tips.

See you on the other side,

– Theo