How do backlinks help grow your website traffic? 2020 -
There is no denying that we live in an age of virtual shop windows. Today, Digital Marketing strategies make businesses view quickly, no matter where they are. However, although it is easy to find, it is even easier to be rejected by the market.A good CRM strategy (Customer Relationship Management) is tied to the increasingly indispensable SEO strategies. In this sense, a great help is the use of backlinks. But do you know what this is and how they help increase traffic to a website?

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What are backlinks?

Backlink is an external link that directs the user to a page on your site. For organic traffic generation, which weighs heavily on Google’s SEO algorithms, this concept is valuable because it can show that your site has really relevant content.

However, many people make the mistake of thinking that just having links to their pages will solve all their problems. But searchers like Google don’t see it that way.

If the backlinks come from low profile sources, this will push your site down in search engine rankings and you will no longer be seen when a search is done. And then the relationship between backlinks and press releases.

Press releases and backlinks: How do they work?

A press release is a text that notifies or discloses what the company does or has done. News dissemination tools such as the DINO platform can be used to streamline this process.

Many backlinks can be generated from press releases, or news about your business. But many companies have made the mistake of simply replicating this news to force traffic to their websites. However, this is not welcomed by SEO strategy, which leads to punishment.

For Google, referrals have a lot more value in ranking than the number of referrals themselves. News that is served must have the right focus and direction. What to do then?

Care of press releases

In order not to be blacklisted by Google, it is important to pay attention to some details when creating press releases.

Make sure you always rewrite a news story instead of just going over it. And while there are tools for this work, choose to use the work of a copywriter (a human with a brain and heart, you know?) Rather than simple robotic text-building algorithms. Target the news to whom it may really matter and that relates to your business or your business.

For Google, when a referral is made by a site that has nothing to do with your area of ​​expertise or is not in your locality, it seems suspicious and can lead to punishment rather than ranking benefits.

And always pay attention to backlinks already conquered, analyze if they are in harmony with its content and area of ​​operation and if they have a reliable origin. Do audits regularly.

Pay attention to how backlinks are generated by using especially press releases To do so, you can elevate your site, generate leads, and strengthen your name in the marketplace. But carelessness can lead your site, and even your business, to endless oblivion.

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