How do you advertise your business to attract new customers?

How to promote the company… effectively?

At the beginning it is worth realizing that every company needs advertising. Even a sole proprietorship. Some people think so – I have regular customers, the business is going on somehow, why do I need an advertisement? Why should I spend money on it? This view of running your own business usually ends in disaster. Who can be 100% sure that customers will not run away to competition? Simply put – never think about promoting your business, but how to promote your business.

It’s great that your company is currently doing well, but it’s also the perfect time to think about how to get new customers and how to keep existing ones. The second point that you can’t forget is that each ad must have a specific purpose. Banality? Not necessarily. Advertising is not, and should not be, art for the sake of art. If you decide on specific actions, then think carefully about why you want to perform them. Of course, the primary goal will be the sale of services or products, but some forms of advertising will be more image-oriented, while others may serve to maintain a strong relationship with customers.

Another thing concerns the use of optimal advertising tools. This is important in the context of the specificity of the business you run and the target group you want to reach. A simple example – if your company operates only in Pomerania, then Google Ads (AdWords) targeted at the entire country will be completely pointless.

In this context, you can also see how traditional advertising is completely unmatched. Research directly proves that traditional advertising is in more than 90% of cases a simple waste of money. Why is this happening? Think about how many banners hanging in different parts of the city you pay attention to. Exactly. An ad directed to everyone is de facto an ad sent to anyone and therefore does not work. If you want to effectively promote your business, then you must hit your target audience directly, and this will be guaranteed by properly targeted online advertising.

How well to advertise your business? Website is the basis!

Life can surprise. Theoretically, it seems that everyone knows the power of the Internet and every entrepreneur will order a website first. After all, it is so obvious that no one is looking for an electrician or cleaning company in press advertisements anymore. Leaflets will also land in the basket faster than they will mobilize a potential customer to contact your company.

Think about how you act. Do you need a service, what do you do? You probably ask your friends about some tested leads. When this source fails, you will 100% reach for your smartphone or open a laptop to type in a search engine, e.g. “good electrician Warsaw”. Almost everyone does that, and research only confirms it. As many as 97% of Internet users make a diagnosis online before choosing a product, service or company.

Now think that you are the good electrician from Warsaw. One day, up to several hundred people enter a search query for an electrical company in the search engine and the first page of results shows links to your competition’s websites. Your company is not on the first page or even the fifth page. Do you know how many customers you lose in this way every day?

Are you wondering how to promote your company, but you don’t have a website? It’s as if you were displaying a white flag right away.

I have a small business, so why do I need a website?

It is hard to believe, but even 1/3 of micro and small enterprises do not have their own website. This is mainly due to fear of high costs (and they do not must be). Sometimes also out of reluctance to change, because they are doing great without a page. It is worth noting, however, that those who finally decide to create a professional company website never regret this step. The company’s website is a long-term investment that must pay back!

Remember that the regular customer base may shrink in a few months. What will you do then It will be difficult to look for new recipients without online activity.

If you are still wondering how to promote a company on the Internet using a website, then look at a few arguments. A well-designed website:

  • It strengthens your credibility because it contains contact details, contact details and registration of the company.
  • It is an excellent business card emphasizing a professional approach to the client.
  • It guarantees reaching more customers looking for services on the Internet.
  • It is an ideal tool for promoting products and services.
  • It will facilitate contact with a potential customer, e.g. via the contact form.
  • It enables the client to thoroughly familiarize with the offer.

Your competition probably already has its own website and if an Internet user begins to search Google for specific products or services, it will go to their business cards. You don’t want to be considered an amateur, so let yourself find your customers online!

How to promote a company on the Internet? Company website, positioning and what else?

The lack of a website is just one of the basic mistakes. Many and not just novice businessmen and business owners think that they already have a website. Well, “some”. The problem is you don’t need a website. You need a good website! (We recommend reading our text why you should have a good website ). In the realities of the modern world, this website is the company’s most important business card. What kind of certificate is issued to an entrepreneur who does not take care of a decent business card?

If you don’t have a website optimized for search engines and with relevant content for users, you don’t have a website at all. What’s more, the site must also be – beware difficult word – RESPONSIVE. This means that it should be adapted to the screen resolution of different devices. Simply put, the website must look great not only on the screen of computers and laptops, but also on tablets and smartphones, which are used by an increasing number of Internet users (internet users).


  • Your company website should be the basic tool for advertising your business on the internet.
  • A well-designed website will be both the most effective and the cheapest form of advertising.

Effective promotion of the company in social media

A decent website is essential, but you can’t stop there, and you must look for other advertising channels. If your audience is to a large extent young people, it is worth trying to reach them through social media. This means activity on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

How to advertise a company through social media? It is worth creating a company account, especially on Facebook, which will not only establish close and systematic contact with the target group, but also warm up the company’s image. Be sure to complete all contact details or a link to the website. On Facebook, you can also encourage to read expert articles, including those published on the company’s blog. Social media is an ideal channel for sharing current activity information, current promotions, new products and industry news with Internet users. At the same time, it is a great tool for local entrepreneurs. Do you have your own electrical company, massage salon, dentist office or are you active in the development industry? Facebook is the perfect solution for you!

The effectiveness of this form of advertising depends, however, on the degree of involvement, so it is necessary to constantly monitor what is happening on the fan page and of course a quick response to Internet users’ comments.

Other forms of company promotion – company blog, Google Ads (AdWords), Google Maps

Customers will certainly place greater trust in experts in their industry and therefore consider the legitimacy of running a company blog. Valuable blog entries are also important in the context of your website positioning, so you can bake two birds with one stone. You will introduce yourself as a professional who really knows his stuff, and Google will reward all effort with high position in search results. This, in turn, has a direct impact on the number of users visiting the website – therefore, some of them will become your customers.

However, you need time or appropriate people who will deal with the creation of substantive articles on a given topic. You can even use other sites and buy a sponsored articleon some widely read portal. This is an increasingly used strategy that aims to promote a product or service. Remember that the text should be published on the website that your customers read – that is, e.g. on the local website (if you are a local company) or thematic (if you operate in a niche industry throughout the country).

Quick access to clients from a specific city or region is also possible thanks to Google Ads (AdWords) sponsored links This is an extremely effective method of generating interest in your products or services. AdWords allows you to specify in detail the territorial reach of advertising, as well as the days and times of their emission. You just must ensure a good landing page.

Adding your business to Google Maps will also be mandatory. This obviously applies to local activities. This business card in Google maps will allow potential customers to quickly check your business address and its exact location. It also allows you to set out a route and get acquainted with the opinions issued by existing customers. The business card can be enriched with photos with geographic meta tags that will be visible in Google Street View maps. It’s a great, free form of advertising.

How to advertise an offline business and why?

Although online advertising is the basis for effective marketing efforts, traditional media must not be neglected. Particularly important here will be the sphere of public space in which potential clients reside. People move, travel by public transport or stand in traffic jams – their eyes can then attract an original banner. However, you need to choose a good location and make sure the banner is properly made. And another thing – the banner can be easily affixed, so it should be changed from time to time.

One of the most effective methods of promoting a company is also participation in trade fairs and other industry events. This is a great time to use advertising techniques to appear in the minds of customers. In this situation, leaflets, product and service catalogues, posters, professionally made business cards or advertising gadgets with the company logo work well. It is worth noting that, in principle, the only opportunity for, for example, the leaflet does not land in the basket. Distributing them on the street to random people or throwing them into mailboxes simply does not work. On the other hand, if such a leaflet is handed out during an industry event where we are dealing with people really interested in specific products or services, then the effectiveness of advertising increases automatically. Example? Housing fairs are a great way to advertise even a small renovation and construction company that offers finishing and decorative materials or helps in arranging a home or garden.

In this case, the quality of production, e.g. of a leaflet, is also important. Illegible and poorly edited can only discourage you from using the company’s offer. You can still use another grip that will bring results. It is enough to provide information on the starter packet on such a leaflet. What is going on? This is nothing but a start offers for new customers with a certain benefit. A renovation company may offer a free check of evenness of walls and angles, and repair of possible errors in the case of new apartments or checking the moisture level of walls in an old building.

In any case, the cost of offline advertising is not particularly high, but it fantastically complements the advertising message of the enterprise.

I know how to advertise a company, but I don’t have time

Does not matter! You don’t must do it yourself. What’s more, you shouldn’t even. Why? Running your own business not only requires sacrificing your precious time. It also absorbs a lot of energy. New ideas for business development, meetings with contractors, signing contracts, telephones, e-mails, daily responsibilities – quite a lot of it, right? Therefore, focus on your business and leave us to promote the company.

We have time and the right tools. We know well how to advertise a company to attract new customers. We also know how to use advertising to retain regular customers. Check our effectiveness!