Doing more with less is an almost endless challenge within companies. In the sales area, this is no different. You have a strategic partner in this mission: CRM. Technology helps you to reduce costs and be more efficient with some important actions.

In times of crisis (for whatever reason), it is necessary to reduce unnecessary expenses and seek to maintain the same productivity.

This is a constant challenge for basically any entrepreneur: doing more with less.

In other words: to produce more efficient results while reducing operating costs.

In sales, companies that have the technology within their processes have been successful in this endeavor.

In this article we will share the following CRM benefits that show you how you can do more with less in sales:

  1. Customer organization;
  2. Reports;
  3. Planning;
  4. Less bureaucracy;
  5. Team United;
  6. Cost reduction;
  7. Pain analysis;
  8. Personalized offers;
  9. Strong relationship;
  10. Agile closure.

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More with less in sales: why is this so important for companies?

How to do more with less in sales?

If your revenue is generated through meaningful and long-lasting relationships with customers, then you certainly have a lot of work in your sales routine.

And if you do it manually, the activities become really heavy.

To cope with the large volume of tasks, it is not uncommon for companies to seek to solve the problem by adding more people to the sales team.

However, this can be costly – especially if the quality of work is not good and sales do not occur in the required volume and form.

After all, this does not truly and completely address what is really failing within the companies’ sales process.

That’s why assertive sales management is done through a complete sales CRM.

Through it, managers are able to have customer data and opportunities centrally and securely stored.

Where’s the fault?

How to do more with less in sales?

A good sales system allows salespeople to self-manage and monitor sales performance – individual and team.

What makes it easier – and a lot – to identify the bottlenecks in your process and correct them.

So there is no point in inflating your team if the problem persists.

  • if you let the leads cool;
  • if you move from the pre-sales funnel to the sales lead with no purchase intention;
  • if you don’t do sales training with your team;
  • if you don’t have a speech focused on the client in his pain;
  • if you don’t monitor your main customer acquisition channels;
  • if you don’t follow up on your opportunities …

Anyway. There can be many problems and that is why doing more with less, in sales, is possible (thanks to technology, of course).

How to do more with less in sales with a CRM? See 10 ways!

How to do more with less in sales?

But after all, how does a CRM give more efficiency to companies’ sales sector?

Is it really possible to do more with less, reduce costs, maintain and subsequently increase commercial productivity?

We’ve separated 1st ways to make this happen. This will also show the importance of making a digital transformation in sales within your company.

Especially because, according to research by Harvard Business Review, companies whose decision making is guided by data are more productive.

And more than that: they are up to 6% more profitable than those that, for example, manage sales in spreadsheets.

Therefore, when implemented correctly, a CRM can change the game, increasing trust, productivity, communication, collaboration and results.

The purpose of this paragraph here is to show that you don’t have to spend inflating your sales team.

By hiring the right system, you will spend less and have better results: in other words, you will do more with less.

That said, let’s check each of the ways that a CRM helps companies:

1 – Customer organization

How to do more with less in sales?

The right CRM tool helps the entire sales force of the company to store customers and contacts, as well as activities and the entire customer history with the company.

This information, because the sales software is cloud-based, can be accessed from anywhere with a login and password.

This helps decisively in remote sales work, for example, allowing any salesperson to work from home.

All of this gives the flexibility and resources necessary for your team to work and focus on the potential client’s needs.

The best part is that: your data is centralized and will not be lost or altered by a simple human error, such as typing a number or letter in the wrong place.

2 – Reports and data for improvements

Doing more with less is making decisions based on numbers. And a complete CRM has reports for really efficient sales management.

This ability fuels transparency and also the collaboration of the sales team.

This is because, with fast, accurate and real-time information, it is possible to see conversion rates and possible failures within the pipeline.

3 – Precise planning

How to do more with less in sales?

Another benefit that a CRM brings is knowing, daily, which tasks the team should prioritize.

This, in fact, needs to be included in your company’s activity playbook: structuring your routine.

It is the way you have to ensure that, for example, you will not lose any sales by the simple lack of action.

It will ensure that leads are contacted on time, while they are still warm.

And when you combine that with process automation, it makes tasks even more agile, being able to handle many more opportunities at the same time.

4 – Fewer bureaucratic tasks

If you track your leads using spreadsheets only, you certainly spend a lot of hours copying and pasting:

  • customer records;
  • emails;
  • business proposals;
  • contracts, etc.

These dull and bureaucratic tasks will continue to consume your team’s time. And you are, in truth, losing money.

The seller has to sell; the SDR has to qualify. How many approaches did they fail to take due to having to perform these bureaucratic activities?

Reality that does not happen with a CRM. Technology allows you to focus on business, on the customer’s pain.

And it does all the mechanical work for you.

5 – United team

How to do more with less in sales?

Technology allows your team to work in synergy. Let him share agenda, calendar, sales scripts, emails, mental triggers …

The ability to quickly identify patterns allows companies to work much more assertively on their sales routine.

The manager also reaps the rewards on account of the CRM, especially with a pipeline in the kanban model.

This allows you to quickly view and identify information about all sales opportunities.

6 – Cost reduction

Although you are not using a free CRM (which will not give you the necessary resources), a paid system helps you to reduce costs, in the medium and long term, to do more with less.

Eliminating bureaucratic tasks (and consequently not optimizing working time) is one of the benefits.

In addition, it is possible, for example, to put in place solid strategies to retain customers and even act to recover lost customers.

Companies can offset customer acquisition costs (CAC) through sales to their current customer portfolio.

Focus on cross sell and up sell opportunities, after all, you have all the customer history with your company and know what they need.

Especially because it costs 5x more to win a new customer than to sell to one that is already with you.

You will save a lot by optimizing your prospecting, qualification and retention processes.

Between automations, reports and opportunities it is easy to create new activities and steps to generate even more value for your prospects.

7 – Deep analysis of customer pain

How to do more with less in sales?

Doing more with less is knowing exactly what your customers have as pains and challenges and being ready to solve them.

Learning what really matters to your customer is an art that, with a CRM, is much easier to master.

This is what will make your team act at the right time to get the prospect’s “yes”.

It is important that, during this journey, your salespeople always follow the follow up steps by triggering triggers and delivering good content.

So, there, the importance of the sales and marketing team if they talk continuously.

The first demands content for the second, which in turn generates leads for the second.

And, of course, good practices for closing, the patterns identified need to be included in the company’s sales playbook.

This will help, for example, reduce the learning curve for new members of your team.

8 – Personalized offers

After your team learns more about a client’s challenges and pains, they know exactly what they need to offer them.

Personalized service and offer, at the right time, in the right format, are essential to bring the sale closer.

With a CRM, you will also know what a customer has historically purchased and what results he has obtained over time.

For businesses that sell MRR, this is critical.

These data also serve to optimize your marketing strategies in order to attract people with the same profile and needs.

9 – Stronger relationships

How to do more with less in sales?

Customers will love your company for the experience it offers. And it becomes more and more challenging with every new detail you know from your customers.

CRM optimizes and makes this relationship with email templates, automatic actions, activities more agile and precise…

But you will only be able to have a truly good relationship with your customers when you are consultative, when you are able to deliver value to each interaction.

The steps of the funnel need to be well configured in order to always make your customers advance in their buying journey.

With each interaction they feel more confident, confident and clear that their solution is the ideal one for their pain.

10 – More agile closing of sales

You do not need to inflate your team to achieve more agile closing sales.

A CRM simplifies the sales cycle from start to finish, generating more closed deals in less time, which makes your goals and objectives more likely to be achieved

And, well, remember what we talked about eliminating bureaucratic and robotic tasks?

Instead of wasting time on this, you can make more interactions with a larger number of customers.

Better yet: with a clear head, you can increase the quality of these connections.

With integrations with various platforms such as marketing automation, for example, you generate value more quickly for customers who are still at the top of the funnel.

Monitors all the interaction he has with the company and knows predictably what will need to be done to be able to close the sale.

That is, you will anticipate the customer’s need. You will deliver the answer to him before the question even comes.

This is generating value. This is doing more with less.

More with less in sales is having the technology present

How to do more with less in sales?

Did you see? There is no need to spend inflating teams, hiring various tools or even consultants when you use your CRM correctly.

But, one thing needs to be clear – even so that there is no frustration when you use your sales system.

Although the software brings countless benefits to your business, its use requires effort, consistency and discipline.

That is: in addition to configuring it correctly, having your team fill it.

The tool is solid and brings efficiency and effectiveness to the process when the team is engaged and convinced to use it.

More than that: they need to work together, focused and committed to the client’s success.

Then, yes, the company will have a paved path of growth in its sales results.

So, how can we help you?

If you are unsure about the article or want to know more about how a CRM helps companies, talk to a consultant whenever you want.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you sell more and better.

The first talks about sales methodologies and which fits perfectly in your company.

The second addresses the importance of choosing your sales partners well and how to reap good results from it.

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