The use of a CRM to expand franchises ensures assertiveness and agility in all stages of business processes in companies. Understand how technology is vital for the franchise expansion area and learn how selling more and better is possible when productivity is high.

Have round processes, aimed not only at customers but at empowering their teams …

This is the ideal scenario that any manager seeks, isn’t it? And here, it does not depend on the segment in which it operates, nor on the size of the company.

Rising organization and productivity are basic requirements for businesses to thrive and, more than that, to meet the growing demand.

Technology has a huge impact on our society – and this is reflected in tougher competition and a need to be agile and productive.

In this sense, a CRM for franchise expansion acts in the organization and enhancement of the existing process in companies.

Today’s article explains, in a practical and direct way, how sales software helps companies to sell not only more – but better.

That is, selling to the right customers and, of course, increasing their chance of loyalty, which is extremely important at all times.

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CRM for franchise expansion: the benefits of this transformation in companies

CRM for franchise expansion

You have heard the phrase: “what you cannot measure cannot be improved”.

We can complete with another thought: when there is no control, there is hardly any management. And without that, how do you know how your business is doing?

Digital transformation is necessary for several reasons. But when it comes to the sales process, some are clearer than others.

One is immediate cost savings. That’s because, you eliminate robotic and mechanical tasks and leave it to technology.

Can you calculate how long your teams take copying and pasting emails? Or changing the fields of the proposals to send?

Fill out tables, register the customer portfolio … in short, you already have an idea.

Another point – and there regarding administrative management: having sales control. Which manager manages to have peace on a daily basis without knowing what is happening in the commercial sector?

It is difficult to find someone who can work in an assertive and safe way.

A franchise expansion CRM is didactic and clear in all information regarding the opportunities that each of the sales force is working on.

Because the sales funnel is organized in the kanban model, control over employee activities occurs quickly and immediately.

What do we have there? Greater agility and fluidity in the processes. And immediate insights into the bottlenecks you’ll be able to identify.

But, let’s explore some of the benefits a little better:

1 – Monitoring opportunities

The franchise expansion CRM gives, as we said earlier, a broad overview of the sales process.

This means that managers are able to improve and achieve their growth and expansion goals and objectives with centralized and complete information for the job.

This improvement occurs through sales metrics relevant to the business. The numbers of the indicators say a lot and need to be analyzed.

Which products came out the most? How many customers are served? Proposals accepted and not accepted?

See where your sales are more and less successful, act assertively and be more successful in attracting customers.

More than that, you will be able to know who your best salespeople are to do a fair performance appraisal.

Or, also, apply a sales training more focused on the identified bottlenecks for those that are below the expected.

2 – Complete team management

CRM for franchise expansion

The team control is again a point that we need to touch and that the CRM for franchise expansion delivers.

Monitoring the activities of its employees is essential for a sales routine that contributes to the continuous improvement of the company as a whole.

The good relationship with the customer – and the consequence of customer loyalty – goes through people who are really focused on the success of those who consume the brand.

The organizational climate, obviously, needs to contribute so that its employees feel part of the whole.

Even so, digital transformation is so important and, above all, it empowers people.

They are no longer just operational, with robotic jobs, and become much more strategic and consultative.

But, of course, control is important to ensure that all the productivity that the system provides is at its peak.

Therefore, it is not only possible to monitor each employee through CRM to expand franchises.

Look at the conversion rates at each step and make the correct pipeline management completely.

3 – Operational management

Do you know why some products sell more than others? Taking care of a franchised unit requires constant performance improvement – and you know it.

Is it just because of the price? Or is the advantage of one over the other in the sales pitch?

Operational management encompasses a series of strategies and practices that constantly need to be reviewed.

You may for example be subject to seasonality … but, are you sure about that?

Only with centralized information – and also with reasons for losses recorded in the sales system – will you know for sure what happens.

And, obviously, create strategic actions to move the products that are stopped.

This, moreover, is the importance of having marketing and sales always aligned, with the first receiving information from the second and directing efforts to attract more customers, getting their profile right.

Understand how CRM for franchise expansion enhances the business process

CRM for franchise expansion

Now that you’ve seen the benefits that CRM brings to franchise expansion, you need to understand how it actually does it.

What features and how do companies benefit?

After all, technology needs to be clear and really help organizations to be better and sell more.

Even more when we talk about a scenario of companies that still manage their business process in spreadsheets and do not have full control over their operations.

Within this scenario, one of the biggest challenges is to standardize sales. May all of the sales team manage to sell in the same way, delivering the value that prospects need.

To do this, use the content area of ​​your CRM and provide a complete training – and always updated.

Videos, PDF, ready-made scripts … all the necessary content can and should be made available to your teams.

In addition, you will be able to check who opened the content or not – and charge it to those who have not yet consumed the training.

This will avoid one of the recurring problems that no manager likes: the high turnover within their teams.

Funnels and integrations to accelerate sales

One of the main points that makes CRM enhance the sales process is to allow the creation of multiple funnels.

Marketing funnel, pre-sales, sales, contracts, customer success…

Also manage the COF through the pre-sales funnel, setting up one stage for this mission and another for follow up (if you think it is necessary).

And, of course, use the native electronic signature (with legal validity) to proceed with the process.

The same goes for cancellation additions and inclusion of members. The electronic signature speeds up all this activity.

At every opportunity, in fact, take advantage of the integration with different platforms.

Marketing automation to handle your lead generation strategies through Google and Facebook Leads Ads.

Your proposal re-marketing can and should also be worked on by the sales software.

Integrations, by the way, allow an opportunity to be automatically created as soon as the lead enters your CRM. Therefore, you gain agility to work a lead that is still hot.

Or, an integrated dialer to speed up contact and also allow calls to be heard – which helps to improve sales pitch.

And with centralized data and all relevant information within the CRM for franchise expansion you can see the physical financial flow in the sales forecast module.

Control at all times

CRM for franchise expansion

Be aware of the franchise balance by region and microregion and, of course, control the teams according to each region.

This is essential for the expansion area to identify where franchise sales are available, for example.

With complete reports, you identify where you have the most hits and misses and, again: act assertively to accelerate sales even more.

Therefore, one of the main points of using a CRM to expand franchises is to be able to make companies, in a safe way, sell more and better.

The pre-sale has all the resources to qualify the franchisee candidate (and here, again, the importance of having a content area comes in).

Companies can also use integration with a financial risk analysis tool to assess the candidate.

In addition, of course, having everyone’s registration within the CRM, you use the electronic signature module in contracts and speed up many more closings.

After all, why copy and paste the proposal in a document, send it by email, wait for the franchisee to print, sign and send it back to you?

This is what technology allows: agility and assertiveness to sell more, better and be an increasingly reference in the franchise area.

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If you are unsure about the content or want to know more about CRM, speak to a consultant whenever you want.

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The first talks about how to retain customers with technology as an ally.

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