How is Content Marketing structured? 2020 -

Why develop a Content Marketing strategy? How to do ? What is Content Marketing (or French Content Marketing)? There is no point in running, let’s start by defining our subject. You enter into a Content Marketing strategy as soon as you create and share your own content. Whether it’s videos, infographics, podcasts, articles on your blog and social media, or Newsletters, you’ll understand that the range of possibilities is wide enough to give free rein to your creativity. Content Marketing is all the more appreciated by marketers because it has proven itself …

A Content Marketing strategy brings you on average 3x more leads than a traditional marketing strategy. In addition, 70% of internet users say they feel closer to a brand when they interact with its content. Content Marketing is the key to the success of your brand! Follow this short 3-step guide and become an Expert.

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1. Story Telling: Tell a Story!

When developing your Content Marketing, it’s very important to have a story to tell. As Kevin Spacey made very clear aka. Frank Underwood at the Content Marketing World in Cleveland last September, “make your story an end in itself”. You’ll find it much easier to create quality content from there. Your story is what will spark interest in your content. How do I know if my story will be successful?

  • Ask yourself the following questions : What is the story I want to tell? Is this story worth telling? Do I have reason to create a conflict situation?
  • Create a conflict situation : By creating a conflict, you will certainly develop a certain tension around your brand, but you will motivate your audience to engage with you. Keep in mind that it is those who take risks who are rewarded! Like Rue Du Commerce: see below.
When RDC plays the provocation card.
When RDC plays the provocation card.

“We wanted to challenge and surprise customers” … “It is normal for them to react and we have broken records for orders from women”. Sylvie Latour – Deputy General Manager of Rue du Commerce.

2. Create Authentic Content!

When developing your Content Marketing strategy, understand that you need to create content that fully matches your brand. Stay true to yourself, be transparent. Your audience will be seduced by your authenticity. Also, be sure to create content that:

  • Be interesting! It goes without saying, but it is always worth remembering. If you don’t bring that little flash of entertainment to your audience, it will penalize you heavily.
  • Target your audience correctly. Again, this is common sense. Create content that is dear to your target audience.
  • Help internet users and answer their questions. Do you provide interesting answers to a given problem? Are you a player in the kitchen world? Help internet users make quality meals by offering them original recipes.
  • Has quality SEO. Make sure to develop your SEO. Without quality SEO, your SEO within search engines will be severely affected. Very simply, when you search on its search engine, Google seeks to provide you with the best possible experience by associating your search with quality content.
  • Has an attractive title. Make people want to click on your content! Have you just created a superb recipe combining Crème Fraiche and Poulet? Avoid titles like: “Chicken with cream”, “Chicken with cream”, … The web is full of such boring titles as possible! Choose headlines such as “Superbe Chicken with Cream” or “Discover our latest recipe with fresh cream! “. In addition to building your reader’s appetite, you will encourage them to browse your content.
  • Either Grammar Free. Simple question of common sense. If you want to appear as a credible player in your market, take care not to make grammatical mistakes! French is a beautiful language, take care of it.
  • And that you can monitor! Do you use monitoring tools? Do you know who is sharing your content? When? By using monitoring tools, you will be able to better design your Online Marketing strategies. First by studying the trends in your market, but also by monitoring the life of your content and its journey on the web.

Before you even have time to notice, your website will be visited by a large number of Internet users. Do not underestimate the power and efficiency of Word of Mouth 3.0! Your hours of brainstorming (not counting the number of pages scribbled in your notebook…) are not lost, you will see.

3. Be Regular!

Creating content is good. underline;”>Create them regularly, it’s better! Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Do you want to browse a website whose content is updated once a month (or even less)? We are always looking for interaction and new information. By being regular, you will be able to:

  • Become a real authority in your sector. By offering content on a regular basis on your website, you will increase your daily traffic of unique visitors. These same visitors will come back if they liked your content, and if they can see that you update it regularly (ideally at least 2 to 3 times a week).
  • Increase your conversion rate. If you develop your content marketing, you will impact your conversion / click rate on your website. In fact, you will drive more traffic to your website and benefit from more qualified leads.
  • Enjoy improved SEO. The search engines will consider you as a serious candidate if you develop your content marketing. You will gain places in terms of natural referencing, and at the same time increase your traffic (enter a virtuous circle).
  • Create long-term value. Finally, by opting for a content marketing strategy, you develop your brand and its image over the long term. You will create strong relationships with your audience who will be happy – if satisfied with your services / products – to speak well of you.

Content Marketing constitutes an entire section of the Marketing Book (In the event that there is a work that can concentrate all of Knowledge around the discipline of Marketing. On reflection, the name of this work is probably “Internet” ).

The fact remains that Content Marketing spills a lot of ink and lights up a lot of pixels, just as the Top 10 Twitter of #ContentMarketing French unveiled by Meltwater, Public Relations company. Ranking which gives first place to Kévin Dangu – Who regularly works on WebMarketing & Com. This ranking was carried out using Meltwater Buzz – social media monitoring software – and its algorithm taking into account the activity of an account, the number of followers, as well as their quality. Congratulations Kevin!