If you have designed a website or if you have it done, it’s the first big step. The second step is to improve its visibility to attract targeted visitors, that is to say generally potential customers. This phase is also essential to obtain satisfactory results. You can do this by paying, with advertising for example, but also for free. In this article, we explain how to gain visibility for your site for free!

Free vs paid solutions

First of all, we must clarify that free solutions exist to promote your site. However, you should be aware that they require time. The results may be visible after a few weeks or even a few months. Conversely, paid solutions will cost you money, but returns will be almost immediate. Of course, you don’t have to choose only the free methods or only the paid solutions. You can mix both. Now let’s see the free solutions that come your way.

Google My Business

Google provides companies with a free tool called Google My Business. It allows you to present your company, indicate your activity, your schedules, your phone number, etc. The Google My Business listing also allows you to embed a link to your website. Thus, a good positioning of your Google My Business file on your activity will allow your site to gain significant visibility with qualified Internet users. In this regard, I refer you to an article I recently wrote on the 3 pitfalls to avoid with Google My Business.

Natural reference

Google is the main search engine used in England. It is therefore important to position your website well on Google, on the strategic keywords of its activity. A good position means a minimum site on the first page, and ideally in the first results of the page. For this, natural referencing is a free solution that will allow you to properly position your site. For information, this work requires time and advanced SEO skills. To learn more about natural referencing, you can for example go to Olivier Andrieu’s website or read his books, which are a reference on the subject.



Facebook is another way to gain free visibility. To do this, you can create a professional page for your business. This is completely free and allows you to fill in the main information on your activity and also to integrate a link to your website. Then, you will need to grow your community on Facebook, which will allow your site to gain visibility.

Other social media

In the same way as on Facebook, you can create an account or a page for your company on other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It will be necessary to choose the networks on which to be present according to your activity and your target customers. Developing your community on social networks will therefore allow your site to gain visibility, thanks to the link that will be integrated into your account or page.

social media

Online press relations

Here is another way to improve the visibility of your website: the publication of articles on blogs or specialized sites in your industry. An article with a link to your website on a blog or popular site, related to your industry, has a good chance of bringing you many visitors, potentially interested in your services. It’s free, but it takes time to contact all of the bloggers or webmasters in question.

Here are some guidelines for acquiring free visibility for your website. This voluntarily generalist article is to be completed with other readings for each of the parts. To achieve a satisfactory result with social networks, natural referencing, Google My Business, or online press relations, certain rules must be observed. And with the right techniques, the results will be there!