Speaking is much faster than writing, right? Talking makes everyday life easier, right? Talking is accessible to everyone: from children to the elderly. This is why talking becomes the new way of consuming the web and that connected speakers like Google Home, Alexa and the others are promised for a certain future. And your brand in this new digital and vocal adventure? To take advantage of this, it will have to adapt its Brand Content. We explain why and how. Then, we will share some examples that lead the way…

Are you “voice ready”?

Why should you give your brand a voice?

The number of sales of connected speakers in the United States is soaring. On the French market, the connected object launched at the end of 2017 is gradually taking its place in homes. Far from being a gadget, the voice assistant is a lasting parameter in digital marketing. It meets the expectations of consumers looking for simplicity and personalization. The voice becomes fluid as the AI ​​adapts to your requests. In this context, it is a safe bet that Alexa, Google Home and the others will become an essential support between a brand and its customers.

But the voice does not send the same image or the same message as a screen. Brand communication strategies cannot be applied in the same way on the web and via a connected speaker. Advertising sponsorship will give the impression of wearing large clogs in the private space of the house. Some brands have already broken their noses, like Disney. Promotion of the film Beauty and the Bête, for requests relating to Belle, was finally deactivated in the face of a growing controversy.

Connected speaker: Brand Content vs advertising
If brands have to invest in voice assistants, they can only do so by playing the Brand Content card.

How to adapt your Brand Content

Brand Content sees the emergence of a specific branch that could be called Vocal Branding. Indeed, on the connected speakers, the voice becomes the main actor of your brand identity. It is therefore crucial to think about how you want to set the scene: the tone, the flow, the level of language … All these elements influence the perception that users have of your brand. All of these elements influence the use of the familiarity.

Also, don’t forget to take into account the context in which the speakers are used. Because they have to stay connected to be active, distrust is expressed by a majority of customers. Two fears emerge as a priority: distance from their privacy and the exploitation of their personal data. The brands that will speak must find the tone that sets the right distance, which inspires seriousness and confidence on these points.

Remember that Brand Content is about making your brand a medium. Voice assistants are ideally suited as long as you add to your Vocal Branding strategy. The American Express error is instructive. This brand used the default voice, Alexa’s. To add insult to injury, another American bank, Capital One, also uses Alexa’s default voice for its voice assistance service! The big brand American Express is aware of the challenge and the levers of Brand Content. She has also developed a perfume dedicated to her spaces lounge at airports.

Five examples of Vocal Branding

How can brand identity invest in speakers connected via a Brand Content strategy? It is not the product itself to promote, but many values ​​to convey through the voice and in the home of your users.

From gamification to empathy by We are tennis from BNP Paribas

A few years ago, taking the digital shift, BNP Paribas bank created the brand We are tennis to promote its values ​​on the Internet. In 2018, the brand is adapting to Google Home and revising its editorial line. The touch of humor and sagacity that carries gamification is abandoned in favor ofa more human and empathetic formula. The tu is used, but the male voice is reserved and asked. Gamification is thought differently, thanks to the voice assistant which establishes a stronger interaction, thanks to a voice quiz system.

How BNP Paribas adapts its Brand Content to connected speakers.

Blow inspiring stories by Guerlain in collaboration with My Little Paris

Perfume brands have long been interested in digital. This is the case of Guerlain who was the very first to sponsor a podcast entitled “La Poudre”. It tells the story of a woman in her personal and professional journey. Storytelling fits perfectly with the values ​​of the house thanks to the feminism that emerges from the podcast. In 2018, a new capsule was launched on the occasion of the release of the new floral Eau de Parfum My Guerlain. These are five stories listenable from a connected speaker. Vocal Branding is characterized by benevolence and transmission. It is a partnership with My Little Paris. “In the heads of women” is carried by whispered and intimate voices, in tender, strong and feminine stories, to match the image of the muse Angélina Jolie, chosen to represent this perfume.

Example of a perfume brand that adapts its Brand Content on the connected speakers.

Customize the voice speaker: when Jean-Paul Gaultier becomes Jean Pod

Luxury brands are also embarking on the adventure of connected speakers and investing them as a new medium. Jean-Paul Gaultier did not hesitate to get started with his Jean Pod : a connected enclosure whose design carries the famous sailor. Its appearance is a nod to the packaging of the perfume Le Mâle, an iconic perfume for which the fashion house celebrates its twentieth anniversary. This brand has perfectly understood how to convey its identity through the curve brought by the connected speakers. And it’s Jean-Paul Gaultier himself who lends his voice at Jean Pod, proof that the brand has been attentive to the issue of Vocal Branding.

Offer tutorials and conversations, the voice of influencers on Sephora

Sephora created a interactive interface on Google Home. Presented as a Beauty Hub, this application allows you to book a beauty service directly from your voice. Theconversational approach is at the heart of the device which also offers podcasts of influencers around the theme of beauty. So it’s by voice of influencers that the brand speaks to its community.

The voice of a fairy for Colgate and his family target

Large retail brands have also taken over connected speakers. The Colgate brand offers a scheduled meeting every day with children and its Chompers mascot. This little crocodile in the colors of green and red toothpaste tells a story lasting 2 minutes, which is precisely the recommended time for brushing. The voice on Alexa is that of a young woman who evokes a sweet, mothering and imaginative universe ; enough to reassure parents in the educational mission that the brand wants to convey and seduce children through fairy tales.


Brand Content is therefore bound to evolve for your brands by the rise of voice assistants. The examples show you that Vocal Branding is not to be underestimated in your strategy. The voice carries your brand identity. Since the pictures are worth 100 words, voice has a very strong impact in communication. Used wisely, it will be an excellent lever for digital marketing.