How to analyze your market and your competitors -

Today, with digital tools, analyzing its market and the place of its competitors in it has become accessible to all. Having a good knowledge of your market allows you to improve your offer, your commercial performance and, ultimately, develop your company’s activity. In this article, we offer you tools to analyze your market and take advantage of this analysis to develop your business …

Contents of this article:

Analyze the search habits of its potential customers

Several tools, some free, others not, allow you to analyze the search habits of Internet users.

Why analyze these habits?

By detecting the main requests of Internet users in a given market, we can understand the needs of its target and the potential of an offer.

As free tools, you can use the keyword planning tool offered on Google Ads or even Google Trends. With these tools, it is also possible to have search seasonality.

Note that you have the possibility to create a Google Ads account without paying anything in advertising. When creating your account, click on “Activate expert mode” then “Create an account without a campaign”. You will thus have access to the keyword suggestion tool without having to create a campaign and therefore enter your credit card 😉

Note that if you do not have an active campaign, Google Ads only offers search ranges (example between 500 and 1000 searches), which is already sufficient to give you an idea. For accurate data, you will need to have active campaigns.

Doing this type of semantic analysis also allows you to orient your content strategy and your strategy for developing new services and products.

Also remember to analyze your own audience, especially if you publish a lot of content. In our case, when we published an article on the theme of “creating a training organization”, the audience was such that we had the idea of ​​launching training courses to support entrepreneurs in developing their own skills. training activity.

Analyze the audience and the positions on Google of the competitors

You can also analyze your competitors’ audience and positions on Google and compare them to yours.

The Similarweb competitive analysis tool allows you to obtain information on the audience of your competitors in just a few clicks and to compare you to them. For each audited site, you have audience data, the distribution of traffic by geographic area and by webmarketing lever (SEO, social media, etc.) as well as competing sites. You can even compare the audience of two sites. All this will allow you to complete your market analysis.

And if you have the time, you can always do a manual analysis by using the expressions found in the previous step and analyzing the positions of your competitors on these expressions. Be careful, if you opt for this technique, remember to activate private browsing in your browser to prevent your browsing history from impacting the ranking.

Know and identify your personas

Beyond the data we have just seen, in order to position yourself well in your market, you will need to know your target perfectly.

Build a persona or personas representing your ideal clients based on whatever knowledge you can have from them.

For more info on personas, take a look at this article.

Identify your competitive advantages

The analysis of the offer of your competitors should also allow you to clearly identify the advantages of your offer over those of your competitors.

During the market analysis, it is also essential to study, in detail, your competitors to position yourself judiciously and build your sales and marketing arguments accordingly.

And you, have you properly analyzed your market and your competitors? How did you take advantage of it?