The confinement period was a real challenge for e-merchants. However, for those players who were still able to ensure deliveries, it must be noted that the costs per reach have greatly decreased, thus making it possible to significantly increase its traffic at low cost.

We explain to you why the situation can be a real opportunity for advertisers and how to make the most of it withSEISO free Google Ads tool.


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Few players were able to identify what was going on in the evolution of French e-business between higher than normal reach potentials (but not everyone was able to take advantage of it) and an overall drop in conversion rates. , especially at merchants who have not been able to reassure about delivery times.

What’s going on in French e-commerce?

It’s’SEO agency JVWEB who revealed the main reasons for this phenomenon:

In the facts, Amazon, which already represented more than 20% of market share in French e-commerce has benefited from the status of a safe haven for large retailers This means that consumers have turned to Amazon with a sense of security when it comes to the delivery capacity of the e-commerce giant.


As explained by Jonathan Vidor, from the first days of containment Amazon began to reduce its investments in traffic acquisition. The e-commerce giant has cut its advertising on Google Ads since the first day of containment and even today most of its campaigns are not reactivated after 2 weeks of deconfinement. Thus we observed in several e- merchants that online activity increased sharply in mid-March to sometimes reach (not to mention the food sector) the level of sales periods!

The visibility left available by Amazon benefits merchants who gain visibility at a lower cost, especially since most advertisers either did not know how to see this phenomenon happen and limited themselves in their Adwords investments, or were not able to deliver and therefore logically withdrew from Google advertising . This historic drop in competition explains the explosion of activity among e-merchants who previously suffered from a lack of visibility.

How to take advantage of these opportunities?

The period is therefore particularly favorable to go and conquer market shares at lower cost.

Google Ads Opportunities

1: Estimate your business potential with SEISO

First of all you need to have a vision of what you can get as additional sales in your market. The best thing is to go check your business potential compared to the market. Note that in the context of an objective of conquest, it is important to think about looking for the potential outside the notoriety of your brand or your own brands.

This involves the visibility of your brand, a detailed audit of this point is available with SEISO:

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The lost visibility share corresponds to the business you can go for!

2: Check the share left by Amazon for your business

The information is directly accessible within your usual Google Ads interface. You have to go to the campaign level then go to the “Auction analysis” section

Amazon Google Ads share

You will then be able to see what is Amazon’s share in your market before, during and after confinement by playing on the period analyzed and setting yourself a specific goal!

3: Exploit the potential of Google visibility

You still have to take action!

Start by recovering the easiest visibility to obtain: that linked to the budget: you just need to increase your bids by a few euros to occupy the land:

Visibility Google Ads Hors marque

Then focus on the impressions lost due to ranking. There you will have to rework your auctions but also and above all the keywords purchased, their targeting and your ads!

Google Ads impression rate

To prioritize your actions, use the free SEISO report and treat the first lines of the table “potential campaigns”, so you will start by increasing the business share of your most profitable campaigns!

Potential campaign on Google Ads


We therefore strongly advise you, if you can, to rearm if you have not already done so and launch advertising campaigns on search engines. To increase their success, start by assessing your current performance with SEISO and invest in your campaigns with higher potential while always closely monitoring performance with good tools or good partners in order to stay as responsive as possible in a changing context.

Seiso analysis report

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Article written in collaboration with Seiso