How to benefit your Digital Marketing actions with Google Trends? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
If you have asked yourself the following questions working on your brand, this article will surely help you a lot Do your brand searches increase over time?
Do consumers look for your brand or the competition?
What search terms are the most used in different Spanish-speaking countries?Before starting to list the advantages of using the free Google tool, let’s clarify what its meaning is. Google Trends It makes it possible to compare two or more search terms and know for sure what the search level is for those keywords. The interesting thing is that in addition to specific comparisons of keywords, phrases or companies, it can be compared by geographical area and by specific periods of time.

Benefits of using Google Trends

1- You can graphically display user search trends

Below you can see a comparison of the last years related to “Facebook”, with “Youtube”, and Instagram ”, to see how much the searches of these terms evolve year after year.

2 – You can analyze the growth and decrease of trends, which will allow marketers to take positive actions according to the rise of a certain key term.

Imagine that you are willing to install a body aesthetic center, and you have to define what equipment to buy. It is a fundamental decision, since it implies an important investment that will be key to the success of your business. But … what are the treatments that your potential clients are most requiring? Trends can be an ally for your business!

In the following image, we compare “ultracavitation” and “radiofrequency”, in Argentina, in the last 5 years, in searches related to personal care. It is observed that although years ago the scenario was even – with a slight predominance of “ultracavitation” -, today radio frequency maintains its historical volume, while the remaining term drops year after year. Comparing later with other treatments, you will be able to know the tendencies of the users, and have privileged information to design your promotions and purchases.

3- It is also very useful for developing digital advertising strategies according to seasonal keywords.

Imagine you have a business that offers “Christmas boxes”. What is the best time to start your advertising?

As you can see, although the peak is for Christmas, searches begin the first week of November, with significant growth the first days of the last month of the year. Being present with your ads at the right time can make you win new customers!

4- Find out what is being talked about right now

HotTrends It is an additional functionality of Google Trends, which lets you know what are the biggest searches today, with updates every hour, in any country, ideal to build if you manage a blog.

Start using Google Trends!

The tool is very intuitive. If you want to experiment, you can start here