How to build a good relationship with customers on your website 2021 -

As a person running your own business, the important thing is that you build good relationships with your customers. Once a good relationship is established with customers, they are the ones who provide your business with a solid foundation. After all, it’s much more difficult to attract a new customer than it is to keep existing customers happy. Satisfied customers talk about you and recommend you to others, come back to your business and buy again.

A relationship with a client is like any other relationship. The key is good communication. This means sharing important information with people who are interested, as well as being available when the customer has something to say.

Your website is one of the first contact points with your client. It’s where you can start building rapport and where you can make communication easy. So it’s important to have everything in place so you can build strong customer relationships without adding to your workload.

Eliminate the barriers of contact with the client

Customer contact is an area where small businesses can stand out in a positive way. You don’t need automated response systems or complicated contact forms. What your visitors want is a simple way to get in touch with a real human being who knows what he’s talking about. That is exactly why we have integrated the WhatsApp button in CWT.

With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging platform. As the person running your business, you can offer WhatsApp to your customers as a way to communicate with you. For one-on-one chats, your customers don’t have to sign in anywhere and you can focus on the usual tasks related to your business. Just make sure you have your phone nearby in case you get new messages.

How to integrate WhatsApp into CWT

  1. Open the section of Contacts from your control panel
  2. Select the whatsapp widget
  3. Enter your phone number in international format
  4. click on add whatsapp

what customers see

A small Whatsapp widget will appear in the bottom right corner of your web page, so visitors can open WhatsApp to chat with you.

WhatsApp button on a CWT website
WhatsApp button on a CWT website

If you don’t want the button to stand out too much, you can add the WhatsApp icon to your navigation.

Offers lasting social connections

The best customers are those who come back. They know what your business is working on and they want your newest products as soon as they’re available. How do they find out? Well, you may have posted something about the product testing phase on LinkedIn, or uploaded a video unboxing the new product on Instagram, or excitedly announced it on Twitter.

Loyal customers are also great followers. How could they not be? They are constantly looking for or receiving information from the company they like the most. And you have the opportunity to make these great ambassadors of your brand happy.

That’s why getting followers makes a lot more sense for small businesses. If you do a good job, your satisfied customers will recommend you to others. So make sure to share your social media channels on your website.

How to integrate social networks in CWT

You can add social networks to your navigation in a subtle and practical way to share your profiles.

  1. Open your web page editor and hover over the left side of the navigation
  2. Go into show items
  3. Click on the platform logo what do you want to add
  4. Click on the navigation icon
  5. Enter the URL of your page or profile
  6. Post your website

You can also use Smart Apps to display content you’ve shared on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

  1. Open your web page editor and click add block
  2. Select the block Smart Apps
  3. Select the platform from which you want to display the content
  4. Post your website

If you want to take your social media presence to the next level, check out our Facebook and Instagram integration. You will be able to appear on these platforms easily and attract even more potential customers. To access, go to your control panel and enter the marketing section.

What do your customers see?

Your social network profiles may appear as logos in your navigation.

Integration of social networks in a CWT website

Or you can use Smart Apps to link social media content to your website.

Linking social networks to a CWT website with Smart Apps

Request marketing consent before you need it

Do you have great news but do not have enough followers on social networks to communicate it to? Surely you want to send a newsletter to the hundreds of people with whom your company has had contact over the years. But how many of these people have given their consent to receive the newsletters?

It’s a simple detail that many small businesses overlook. If you want to contact many people through your newsletter, you need their marketing consent. The best time to obtain this consent and build a list of subscribers is long before you want to start sending out your marketing newsletters.

This consent is not only required for newsletters that are sent to many people. If you want to send a marketing email to only one person, you will most likely need their consent as well.

With CWT’s contact list, people who interact with you can easily check the box to give their marketing consent. Once the contact list is activated, a box is added to your contact form. In this way, when a person writes to you, they can let you know if they want to be part of your newsletter list. Activating this function costs nothing and brings a lot

How to set up contact list on CWT

For web pages, the contacts feature is available on Grow plans or higher. For online stores, you can use this feature with a Business plan or higher.

  1. open the section contacts from your control panel
  2. Go into Contact list
  3. Enable the Marketing consent

what customers see

Customers will be able to check the box when they write to you through your contact form.

Alt-text: Marketing consent from a CWT website

Show your most human professional side

One of your unique selling propositions as a small business is that you are a small business. Your customers do not have to go through any complex communication network before finding you, but can speak directly with a human who interacts with them. Make sure your company’s tone of voice and style reflect your human side.

Clients expect professionalism. They want you to answer them with knowledge and solve any doubts they may have. In general, it is recommended to start the conversation with a friendly and friendly tone and to get into the matter as the questions are answered. Once the matter has been resolved, you can politely end the conversation again.

Finding the balance between the human and professional side is the key to creating a strong relationship with the client. It shows that you care about your business and take it seriously.