How to charge the shipping costs of your store 2021 -

If you have a store, you know very well that customers are always looking for the best deals, while you strive to provide the best service and at the same time make a profit.

To achieve this balance, it is essential to know all the shipping options available to you and how they influence customer behavior. For this reason, we have compiled some tips so that you know the shipping options that best suit your store.

Transparency is key

If you have ever bought something online, you already know that you should be alert to those somewhat misleading shipping costs. There are still stores that wait until the last step of the purchase confirmation to display them, which confuses customers and makes them give up the purchase.

Our recommendation: It shows the shipping costs in a transparent way and simplifies the calculation. In this way, visitors feel secure and confident when they visit your store. In a section of frequently asked questions you can clearly explain the shipping costs and, also, specify if you make international shipments.

Make it easy with flat rates

Flat rate shipments are charged regardless of the number of items in the shopping cart. In this case, what you charge the customer for shipping may be different from what you pay; But over time, this difference between overpaid and underpaid is offset.

Advantage for you: Billing, calculations and labeling are simpler as shipping costs are calculated per order and not per item. In addition, it is a good solution in the event that your store ships heavy items and the option of free shipping is not realistic.

Advantages for the client: this option is completely transparent. Customers can always know what the total price is.

Another advantage: you can adapt the shipping costs for each market. For example, if you ship internationally, you don’t have to charge a single rate for all types of shipments regardless of size.

Note: If you need information on how to adapt shipping costs with CWT Creator, go to our Help Center.

Free shipping for large orders

Saving shipping costs is a good way to reward those customers who spend the most in your store. For example, you can tell them that they have free shipping starting at € 50 for their order.

Advantage for you: If you have the possibility of offering this option in your store, you encourage your customers to buy more from you. The way to activate these options is to go to your menu and enter Shop> General> Shipping.

Advantage for your customers: the more they buy, the less they will pay proportionally for shipping.

Your customers will be able to see the notice on your products or in the purchase process and, thus, they will know how much they must pay to get free shipping. This is a good way to increase your average order value (AOV).

Note: If you use the Legal Text Generator, be sure to check your settings after activating or deactivating free shipping.

In-person withdrawal option

Did you know that it is not completely necessary to offer shipping? If you have clients who are close to you, you also have the option to withdraw in person. That way, customers can make a little space to go through your store and pick up their order without the need for you to make a shipment.

If you are looking for cheap shipping options in your neighborhood, we also have some ideas to inspire you, among them, the bicycle delivery man, deliveries on your own … Or it is possible that the best way for you is to offer a completely different option to everything this. With CWT, you can offer both in-person delivery and free shipping.

Is free shipping worth it?

As many surveys have already proven, customers love free shipping. This is nothing new as free shipping gives your customers the feeling that they are saving money. When placing an order, no additional cost is added to the indicated value when they reach the last step before paying.

If you have a store, this little detail on sales psychology can go a long way. By offering free shipping, your customers will feel that they are being treated fairly and without having to pay any “hidden costs”. However, you may be wondering now: “Is this profitable?”

While there is no one correct answer, it is common for customers to perceive free shipping as a special service, even if it is for a slightly higher price. That’s why offering free shipping can increase the chances of an order being fulfilled.

Therefore, free delivery is worth it if you include shipping in the price of the product, which you can specify in certain actions or in purchases with an established minimum cost (for example, orders of more than € 50).

How can you tell if free shipping works?

To begin with, starting from a reference point is helpful. How many orders do you usually receive in a month? When you have the data, try free shipping and see if the number of orders increases.

  • If you don’t see a difference in sales, it may not be worth the expense.
  • If you notice an increase in sales, what you should consider is how many of the customers who have used free shipping become repeat customers.

Other ideas to try:

  • Sets the amount from which shipping is free. Think about what a customer spends on average in your store and choose an amount slightly higher than that as a minimum purchase to get free shipping.

Example: If customers usually buy a t-shirt from your store for € 20, try € 30 as a minimum purchase to get free shipping. That will give them a push to buy another shirt that they also had in mind or to add a small item that allows them to cover the € 10 difference.

  • If you are concerned about changing shipping policies, you can activate free or discounted shipping for one month as a “special attention” for customers, and then you will see what their reaction is. For example, you can set up a “free shipping during the month of December” and then deactivate it again with just one click.

For customers, shipping is as much a part of the shopping experience as professional product images or clear product descriptions. Offering well-planned shipping options can add value to the customer experience in your store. So it may be worth reconsidering the shipping costs for your store.