How to choose the best domain for your website 2021 -

How do you expect to find a small business website? Normally with a domain name according to the name of the business. However, it is not the only option when deciding on a domain. A smartly chosen domain name can be the key to reaching more visitors. We tell you how it works.

The structure of a domain name

A domain name has two parts: the name and the extension or termination. If we take our own domain as an example, “CWT” is the name and “.com” is the extension or TLD. TLD is comes from English Top Level Domain (top level domain).

Name and tld of a domain name
A domain name is made up of the name and the extension or TLD

A domain name according to your brand

You can’t choose the name of the street where your office is located, but you can choose where people can find you on the network. Therefore, bet on an option that represents your business.

In practice, it is best to think of several possible domain names to be able to choose from several options in case the ideal domain for you is not available.

The brand name as a domain name

For most businesses, getting their name out there is a big marketing goal. Using your business name as your domain name is a logical choice, as it’s where existing customers expect to find you and what people look for when they’ve referred you.


The product or service as a domain name

If your product or service is the focal point of your marketing, make it your domain name as well. This will help you attract customers who are interested in your product, but who are not yet aware of your brand. Over time, these customers will become familiar with your brand,


These domains are sometimes referred to as “exact match domains” because they fully match the keyword of the web page. This can slightly help the SEO of the website, but do not be too confident, since a domain name alone does not make the search engines position a website.

Combination of brand and product as a domain name

If you want to promote your brand in combination with your product, you can consider a combination of both to decide on your domain name. It can be useful for finding the balance between reaching new customers and making it easier for existing ones.


Geographic location as a domain name

For small businesses with a physical location or a service that is only offered locally, location is an important factor in their marketing. Including it in the domain name is recommended as a signal for clients to know that you work in that specific area.


Including the location in your domain name is also a good practice when it comes to local SEO.

Recommendations for a good domain name

A domain name should be easy to remember and easy to type. After all, your website address should not be a barrier for your customers.

How to get it:

  • Choose a short name. Google recommends using 2-3 words for a domain name. So it’s long enough to have personality, but short enough to remember it.
  • Use the usual spelling. Write “correosypaquetes” instead of “korreosypaketex”. Misspellings sound suspicious and are hard to remember.
  • Stay true to your brand. Even if you sell products that also sell international brands, do not use these well-known brands in your domain. It is confusing and may bring you copyright issues.
  • Avoid special characters. You can use hyphens and other special characters in domains, but they are difficult to pronounce, remember, and type.

If you’re worried about misspellings, you might consider adding a second domain with the typical misspelling. This second domain will forward visitors to your real domain and prevent you from losing customers.

How to select domain termination

There are several domain endings to choose from. Each one will give certain clues about the content of your web page.

  • Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). They are not connected to any particular area. Examples: “.com”, “.net” or “.org”.
  • Country code top level domains (ccTLDs). They are connected to a country. If you only operate in one country, always choose the corresponding geographical termination.
  • Sponsored Top Level Domains. They are offered or sponsored by organizations, such as cities, provinces or institutions. Examples: “.nyc”, “.edu” or “.gov”.

For your nail salon in Triana it makes sense to choose a .es ending; for your international parcel company, .com would be the most appropriate; and if you are going to expand your business in a new country, you can add a second domain with the corresponding geographical extension.

Remember that not only people look at the termination of your domain. Search engines also process this information. If they detect a domain with a .it ending, they will assume that there is some connection to Italy.

Is the domain you want not available?

Once you have already decided on the domain name and termination, the next thing is to check availability. The Internet has been around for a few years now, so your ideal domain may already have been registered by someone else.

Your first reaction may be to change the domain ending, but this often leads to confusion when people are searching for you and end up on a completely different website just because of the ending difference. It is better to make your domain unique.

Try the following:

  • Try an abbreviation
  • Include your city or region if you haven’t already done so
  • Add words like “store”

Asking around you what other options come to mind can be very helpful. An outside perspective can inspire you with other domain names you may never have considered before.

If you want to prevent your competition from starting to use a certain domain name, you can add it to your website as a second domain. In this way, no competitor will be able to register it because you have already registered it before.

A domain name that lasts

Make sure that the domain is valid over time and can continue to represent your company, blog or hobby in the future. You can avoid simple mistakes like including a year or buzzword so you don’t have to change your domain name in the future.

For example, instead of, use for the fantasy fair website, or instead of diabolosymá, choose for your online store. These names are more likely to stay true to your business and your market.

In addition to this name, you can use a second domain for your marketing campaigns. Read our article on what is a website domain name to learn more about how a second domain works in combination with your main domain.

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