In the era of the advent of mobile phones and the development of many new means of communication, email remains the preferred channel for brands to orchestrate their customer dialogue. Invented in the early 1970s in the United States, email is indeed increasingly used: according to Statista, 293.6 billion emails were sent every day in 2019 and these figures should reach 347, 3 billion by 2022!

Why is this channel still widely used today by brands, who are the main players in the email marketing market and especially how to choose your emailing software according to your needs? We answer all these questions in this article!

State of the email marketing market

Why is email resisting the emergence of new means of communication, especially social networks? Billions of emails are sent every day and the trend is not the decline, here are the reasons why brands continue to rely on this lever:

  • Excellent ROI: According to DMA, for 1 € spent, email marketing earns an average of 35 €, email is still an inexpensive means of communication, even if the trend is towards ultra-personalization, which implies higher costs. .
  • Content distribution: In terms of content marketing, email is the tool of choice to accelerate the dissemination of resources, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 90% of marketing teams use emailing to distribute their resources.
  • Preferred acquisition channel: In digital as in physical, email remains the most powerful acquisition channel, according to the SNCD, 40% of customers make purchases in store after receiving an email for commercial purposes.

This trend encourages many players to position themselves in this market, as Datanyze shows below, there are nearly 256 different tools! The market is dominated by MailChimp which you have certainly already heard of, then we find Constant Contact and a English player: Mailjet.

With so many solutions at your disposal, it is difficult to sort out and identify the options really suited to the size of your organization and your functional needs, to help you, do not hesitate to use this software comparison. emailing!

You are lost ? Do not panic, we give you all the keys to make the right choice in the rest of the article.

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With 256 tools on the market, it is obvious that all the software on the market is not aimed at the same types of companies: functional depth, price, integrations, support … To help you in your choice, we have classified the tools of ’emailing in 3 categories:


These tools are very easy to use and their functional scope mainly covers sending personalized email and some basic automation options. This type of solution is ideal for freelancers and VSEs, the annual cost to be expected is less than 5,000 € / year.


More intended for medium-sized organizations, well structured and having a solid relational marketing plan, these tools offer effective marketing automation functionalities, deep integrations with the majority of CRM software on the market, as well as a fairly advanced, allowing you to monitor all of your marketing activities. The expected cost is between 5 and 20 k € per year.


The tools that make up this last category are rarer and are suitable for larger organizations: large groups with a very large customer database. This software is not limited to sending emails and covers all communication channels while allowing extreme finesse in the personalization of messages. In terms of annual budget, the cost of these tools is estimated between 20 and 50k €.

Depending on your relationship marketing needs and the size of your customer database, go to the relevant category, we have taken care to present the main software on the market for each category.

What are the main emailing software according to your needs?


Sendinblue’s email editor

SendinBlue is an email marketing tool best known as one of the main transactional emailing services for micro-businesses and freelancers. On the strength of their excellent reputation for sending newsletters in Europe, the platform has grown significantly, notably by integrating some well-thought-out marketing automation features.

The great strength of Sendinblue is its ease of use and excellent value for money. For European customers, this is one of the few email marketing providers whose servers are located in the European Union (which helps you comply with the GDPR). In addition, the company’s policy of only accepting customer files with opt-in reinforces the quality of its deliverability rates.

If you want to go a little further by using the marketing automation features, the tool therefore offers an easy-to-use worflows editor, ideal for starting with simple scenarios, which will perfectly suit the needs of small businesses.


Hubspot Email Editor

It’s hard to write an article on email marketing without citing Hubspot, which offers companies an all-in-one sales and marketing platform including a CRM, a tool for creating landing pages, therefore emailing, and marketing automation. , and many other features.

This is a very comprehensive tool, the functional depth of which will require a small learning curve and therefore suitable for more structured and experienced marketing and sales teams.

Hubspot is positioning itself as an affordable option for small businesses by offering free (very limited) versions that allow you to test their products. Be careful, however, the cost of the platform rises as your functionality needs increase.

If all you need is email marketing software, Hubspot is probably too much of a hassle. But if your search for email marketing software is part of a larger strategy to take a marketing leap and improve the performance of your entire sales and marketing funnel, Hubspot is a solid fit!


Selligent’s email editor

Of Belgian origin, Selligent offers cross-channel campaign management functions. These allow organizations to plan, define and execute marketing activities. The company offers an all-in-one solution that allows marketing teams to go beyond sending traditional campaigns and maximize conversion rates.

This solution is primarily intended for mature organizations, larger in size and with a large customer database. The features offered are powerful and advanced: they allow you to go very far in the ability to personalize your messages, and this, on all channels.

This functional power is inevitably found in the handling of the tool which can be complicated: a serious learning curve is to be expected, in comparison with the tools presented above!

Are you using a solution that we haven’t presented here? Do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments, indicating the size of your organization.

Arnaud Malfilatre, Chief Operating Officer at La Fabrique du Net: I am at the crossroads of strategic and operational issues. I remain very attached to digital marketing and its evolution.