how to collect as many customer reviews as possible in 2021? 2021 -

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Why are consumer reviews important?

The testimonials of your customers are a considerable asset for your business: they allow you to listen to your consumers, improve your products and services, and especially to use these customer reviews as a marketing weapon to increase your turnover. It is the main ingredient of social proof, a lever that allows you to convince your prospects, and to give you their trust.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people view testimonials online, before making a purchase decision? Collecting customer reviews is therefore a mandatory step in 2021. To register for the webinar: click here.

Your customers are more and more solicited by other companies, and it is not uncommon that a consumer receives around ten requests for customer opinions each month. To be able to optimally collect customer feedback, it will be necessary to build an optimal opinion collection strategy, taking into account various parameters, such as the channels to be favored, the times during which they should be solicited, etc.

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