How to Communicate Creatively on Instagram Stories 2020 -

With more than 800 million monthly active users, 500 million daily, Instagram is the fastest growing platform in terms of number of users. In terms of brands, Instagram recently announced that it has more than 25 million business accounts. The format that works well on this platform is Stories!

Here are some figures to illustrate their power:

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  • 300 million people use them daily;
  • 50% of the companies present on the platform created a Story last month;
  • 1/3 of the most viewed Stories were created by brands.

Brands will therefore easily understand the value of communicating with Stories. Especially because this format allows a more spontaneous communication and generates much more proximity with the communities. Besides, Instagram is constantly evolving Stories to meet user expectations. The platform regularly announces new features such as automatic backup (Archive) and the addition of favorite Stories to an Instagram account (Highlights), two new features presented recently and which should appeal to Instagramers.

How to properly use the Stories format for brands? Check out the advice of Julie Pellet, Instagram’s Southern Europe Development Manager. How to innovate with the Stories format? See a creative example of brand usage.

Julie Pellet’s advice for communicating well on Instagram Stories

On Instagram Stories, brands that manage to stand out from the crowd rely on authenticity by telling a story in video format. In the Stories, the photos are displayed for 5 seconds, the videos 15. But the most important according to Julie Pellet: you have to dare! Organic content will only be available 24 hours, so you have to let go, unleash your creativity, be impactful to convince.

Explanations: Stories allow you to share more moments to tell your story, in a more spontaneous way, to show who is behind your brand and thus to create proximity with your audience by bringing it into your universe. One watchword: be authentic. On Stories, the content disappears after 24 hours, the opportunity to show something different, create exclusivity and engage. Backstages, tutorials, interviews, promotions, interactive content… The variations are endless. And it works since a third of the most viewed Stories were created by brands.

The time users spend watching videos on Instagram has increased by 80% compared to last year and the Stories have largely contributed to it. This content is consumed on a screen mobile, 98% of users discover the content by keeping their smartphone in portrait mode. Developing vertical video for Stories allows you to invest the entire surface of a mobile screen and thus create an immersive experience, to effectively capture attention.

The little extra for brands: think about the publicity in the Stories. It allows you to add an outgoing link or use the Canvas format to invite the viewer to extend the experience and introduce them to a product. If your goal is to redirect traffic to your website, consider encouraging your audience to “swipe up”, that is, to slide their thumbs up the screen to discover your site.

The Accorhotels group, a major player in travel, relies on Instagram Stories

Today, social networks have become trendsetters, especially in the travel industry. Most travel enthusiasts like to take photos and share them on Instagram. The platform is mainly used as a photo album, travelers post vacation photos in real time. A third of Instagram users are interested in travel and the hashtag #travel even becomes the third most used.

Finding quality places to take beautiful photos and thus feed an Instagram account has become an integral part of the trip. The numbers speak for themselves: 64% of Instagramers post photos of places that have marked their stays and 59% of users use Instagram as inspiration for their next destination.

To respond to this fundamental trend, a brand innovates by daring to launch a creative concept for the holidays. has effectively imagined a creative and innovative digital operation whose objective is to help users take the most beautiful photos of emblematic places located around the group’s addresses. The concept is called “Unforgettable Places”, it’s the first GPS (Stories Guidance) on Instagram.

Be sure to check our Stories everyday to vote on the next location for a chance to win a Leica X Typ 113 silver !? Starting today, 2pm, Paris Timezone. ? #Accorhotels #UnforgettablePlaces

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With “Unforgettable Places”, produced by the agency WNP 909, AccorHotels is positioning itself on the format of Stories, so popular with users of the platform. Mobile users will be guided from their hotel to an “Instagramable” location using Stories. Travel times, photos of the stages of the route and names of places to discover are information that will be revealed in Stories format.

The concept goes further and presents itself as an advent calendar, each day of December will reveal a new place in story, thus allowing users to discover a new inspiration of travel. The community chooses the next day’s destination thanks to polls, the latest feature developed by Instagram. The visuals of these places and of the guide will also be published via a carousel format in the grid of the Instagram account.

To encourage participation, a competition will be organized from surveys and a draw will be conducted on December 26 to choose the winner. The latter will leave with the ideal gift for any “InstaTraveller”: a LEICA camera. To discover these “Instagramable” places, go to the AccorHotels Instagram account.