How to configure the shipments of my products of CWT Advertising, with OCA? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Now with CWT Advertising You have the possibility to use GOOSE As shipping method.

You can set up your OCA account, if you already have one, or request that a representative from that company contact you to begin registering a new account. In this way, your customers, when making a purchase, can select OCA as the shipping method. CWT Advertising will make the corresponding quote automatically and add this amount to the purchase order so that the shipment is charged together with the other products.

How to set up an OCA account?

Upon entering the section Catalogue -> Shipping Methods, you can view the shipping option with GOOSE. When displaying it, the following screen will be displayed:

Yes DO NOT you have an account at OCA you can press the “Start registration”To request communication with a representative of that company. This will display the following contact form:

This form will be sent to a representative who will contact you to continue the process of registering an account at GOOSE. Once the process is finished you can return to this screen to configure the shipping method.

Yes you have an account at OCA, you can press the button on the right, “Enter my OCA data“, To complete the data and start operating:

In this form you must indicate:

  • Your CUIT
  • Postal Code (corresponding to the location where the shipments will come from)
  • You can add a fixed cost To all your shipments. The amount established in this field is added to the quotation obtained from OCA. This serves, for example, to cover operating costs.
  • You can add days to delivery informed by OCA. In this way you can anticipate and organize your shipping preparation times.
  • Operational numbers enabled (this data is provided by OCA at the time of registration and corresponds to the negotiated shipping methods)
  • These are the operations that you can enter in CWT Advertising:
    • Branch Office
    • Branch to door
    • Door to branch
    • Door to door

Once you have correctly entered this information, you can start quoting your shipments with OCA.

What are the requirements that a product must meet to operate with OCA?

You must load the following data for each product in order to operate with OCA:

  • Weight
  • High
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Indicate that the product requires shipping

What restrictions exist to operate with OCA?

The shopping cart must meet the following conditions so that the customer can choose OCA as the shipping method:
– The shipping address must be Argentina and the user must enter a valid zip code.
– No product should exceed 50kg of weight.
– No product should exceed 70cm high x 70cm wide x 70cm deep.

How will the final customer see the OCA options in the purchase process?

After the final customer enters his address, the system will automatically quote the shipment with OCA according to the postal code and the enabled operations. If you set up operations for home delivery and branch delivery, the system will show both quotes, allowing the user to choose the desired branch (if more than one is available), as in this example:

The purchase process will continue normally.

How do I visualize the data of the shipping method selected by my client?

You can see the detail of the purchase order from your administration as you do today. All the information referring to it was added in the “Shipping data” section. For example, in the following screen we can see the detail of a sale where the customer selected as a shipping method to Oca – Withdrawal in branch:

Here is the detail you need to prepare the package and make the shipment.