How to convince? 3 psychological methods for instant credibility. 2020 -

Journalists see in the media losing credibility the biggest challenge for the media industry for years to come. This was the result of a study in Nieman Reports, a publication of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University (Doherty, C. (2005). “The Public Isn’t Buying Press Credibility”. Nieman Reports (Summer)) …

The loss of credibility (or lack of credibility) of a source and THE most important problem for the one who provided the content (The press, other media, a blogger, a coach or an entrepreneur wishing to convince his audience to buy his product or service).

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Your perceived credibility is simply a major factor to convince, persuade and increase your conversion rate.

In the following video I show you my three simple methods to implement to instantly establish your credibility and thus convince your readers and visitors.

You will learn :

  • The completely counterintuitive evidence why most so-called “experts” are wrong;
  • How 55.74% click through rate on a banner will instantly increase YOUR credibility;
  • How these two words typed in Google can make the veracity of your speech absolutely indisputable.

I will provide you the undisputed evidence in this video that my methods (published on Conversion Optimization and SEO videos on Google walk !

Yet I took some risks at the time of publication (in 2 cases, I did not know at the time of publication, the results you’ll see below).

Research mentioned in the video:

1. Why use simple language – scientific research proves it:

2. Precise numbers increase your credibility:

And here is the famous banner, which uses the “von Restorff” effect to give a click rate of 55.74% during the first week:


Do not click … otherwise the CTR may soon exceed 59.9% :). Unless, if you really want to know how to convert it (or scientifically proven).

Once you have finished watching the video, I ask you to do this:

Put in the comments what method you use to establish your credibility. Unleash yourself (and be specific).