How to create a buzz with an article 2020 -

I follow up on my article on how to position a competitive keyword on the first page of Google in 10 steps. It was presented with a catchy title, an original image and content that inspires reaction. The miracle recipe to create a Buzz. The article was so simplistic and childish that many people shared it. I was surprised to see so many Buzz in just a few days: more than 260 tweets, more than 270 shares on Facebook, 39 Google + 1 …

All this for a very basic article, which brings nothing new but with a very catchy title which has attracted the interest of many. The results of my article seem simple to achieve, but it is clear that SEO is very complex and that he asks a lot of work.

Training & Co'm

In my case, I was able to work among others on the keywords real estate software and the keyword creation real estate site. But as some have said the website was created in 2002 and it already has several thousand backlinks. The task was made easier but on the other hand the selected requests are very competitive so the fight was not won in advance.

My goal was to recall the basics of SEO, but it is clear that the steps must be done gradually and that you should not over-optimize a website especially if it is recent.

But you’re right I didn’t talk about Panda or Penguin and the pitfalls of over-optimization. Thus, my article can on the one hand give the impression that SEO is an easy job, on the other hand encourage webmasters to over-optimize their website, at the risk of being sanctioned by Google Penguin.

Finally, the article will have had the merit of showing the strength of viral marketing and also of recalling the importance of not over-optimizing websites in order to avoid sanctions from Google.

In conclusion, here are the points to remember:

  • Do not over-optimize a website (Title, H1, keyword density too high, etc.);
  • Vary the anchors (50% of non-optimized anchors like “click here”);
  • The “net linking” must be done in the most regular and natural way possible;
  • SEO takes time and work.

Evolution of the keyword “Real Estate Software”