The creation of Adwords campaign on the display network allows you to advertise on hundreds of sites and therefore be highly visible at a lower cost. Before going into detail, I would like to introduce you to this famous network of Google partner sites. The Adwords display network brings together all of Google’s partner sites. These are sites that serve Google Adsense ads in text, banner or video format. This network allows you to advertise on several hundred websites that are located in the same industry as you …

How to take advantage of the display network?

First of all, know that advertising on the display network will allow you to pay for your Adwords campaigns much cheaper. Another significant advantage; conversion rates. Indeed, by advertising on the display network you can get much higher conversion rates than by advertising on the Google search engine. Then this network allows you to make a branding campaign “visibility” almost free. Indeed Google only charges you for clicks so as long as no one clicks on your ads you pay nothing. The objective is therefore to prioritize visibility to clicks. How much do you think it would cost to run banners on hundreds of websites that sell advertising?

How to properly use the display network?

As seen above, the display network gives you the possibility of showing your Adwords ads on hundreds of partner websites for a paltry budget since, once again, you do not pay for the display of your banners but only per click. Thus, the display network allows you to launch a Branding campaign whose objective is to obtain maximum visibility.

Your goal is for people to remember your site’s name when they’re looking for something specific. For this to work, your domain name must be short, easy to remember, and self-explanatory. That’s why I chose the name yoseo.

Second scenario; subscriptions to a prospect list. We are not going to try to sell a product directly to Internet users. The goal is for internet users to sign up for a newsletter. Of course, when Internet users are registered, you can send them commercial offers but do not do it right away. I advise you to send them 4 to 5 emails with quality information before trying to sell anything.

Remember that, in general, a user who clicked on one of your Adwords ads does not know you. It will therefore be necessary to send him quality information and advice so that he realizes that you are someone serious and competent.

How to launch a campaign on the display network?

Unlike creating a search campaign, a display campaign is much easier to set up. The video tutorial below shows you how to create an Adwords display campaign.

Mass targeting

Since the objective is to be as visible as possible, we must not limit ourselves to England. When you are going to create your campaign, choose all the countries but only the French language.

The video below shows you how to adjust your campaign settings.

Target computers and mobiles

When I create a search campaign I uncheck the publication on mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets. By default, Google will show your ads on all media. This is called universal campaigns. In the case of a display campaign you therefore do not need to modify these parameters.

No text ads

Again the goal is to be very visible. So you have to focus on creating banners in all the formats offered by Google. Indeed banners are much more visible than text ads. In addition, your interest is that the name of your site is well put forward and this is not possible with text.

Spend time creating your banners

Banner creation is vital to the success of your display campaign. Be sure to highlight your logo and the name of your site. Personally I make my banners on Photoshop. If you do not master this software you can have banners made at a lower cost on sites like

Create optimized landing pages

After having carried out several tests I advise you to create reverse landing pages. Rather than asking people for email in exchange for content, do the opposite. First give them content like videos. Once the user has viewed three videos, you can offer to subscribe to your newsletter to receive others.

By doing this you will get more targeted prospects who will know exactly what to expect when they sign up for your newsletter. Not only will you have more targeted prospects, but you will also get very low unsubscribe rates.

Article written by Ludovic Barthélémy, entrepreneur, web marketer and founder of the blog which offers 50 hours of free web marketing marketing training to its members.