How to create attractive content for your social networks in 2018 - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Tips to carry out the social networks of your company or your blog in an excellent way, and get not only more clicks, but much more users who are waiting for your news.

Surely you will have read thousands of posts that tell you what are the most important tips and trends for this year in terms of content. And as we always say, the content remains and will remain the king, since it becomes a fundamental part of each company or brand, by indicating a message that on the one hand it is in synchrony and concordance with what you want to transmit, but on the other hand it is attractive enough and that it stands out so that the audience is fixed on it.

We all know that the reading time we have on social networks is very fast. That is, each person scans the content completely fleetingly until something catches their attention, such as certain titles that we will call “hooks”, which make the user have their eyes on him, and therefore have a chance to click and read the content of that note or publication in networks.

That is why today in this blog we are going to show you all the tips we have to give you so that you can carry out the social networks of your company or your blog in an excellent way, and get not only more clicks, but much more users who are waiting for your news

1. Draws full attention

Achieve it using innovative titles. Surely you will wonder how you can do this, since there are dozens of titles, and we are very saturated with content that continuously, from the media or companies, are sending us everywhere!

The title, as it happens in the subject of an email, is really the golden piece that we must all take care to achieve our proposed goals. How can we then make a title that is truly attractive?

As I said before, use hook words that attract attention and generate intrigue or mystery. An example is:

“The 10 things you will not imagine happening in such a city”, or, “Discover how this person managed to earn money in a year”, “Lose weight is possible I have lost more than 50 kilos, find out here”, are some of the titles that we usually read the most.

If you have a company where the content has to be from the specific area, you should try to be as innovative as possible, trying to ensure that users who are interested in the subject open the text.

2. Write with the inverted pyramid method

A technique widely used in the journalism career is the so-called “inverted pyramid”. That is, from the most important to the least relevant, because the person tends to read the first two paragraphs. Then concentrate all the information that is really vital about what you want to convey in the first sentences. Always remember that if you are doing a blog or a newspaper article, apart from the title you must make a “download”. There you must place a summary text of what will be developed in the note.

3. Include data that is important

We all like data, statistics or numbers, and nothing better than placing data that interests the audience within a note or within a post on social networks.

4. Do not copy yourself from the competition

If you want to make content that is truly unforgettable, what you have to do is find a way to communicate with your specific audience, and create texts that do not find them is nowhere else, that is, original and different.

5. Don’t limit yourself to known literary styles

If there is something positive in the social media revolution, it is that we have the possibility to play with the different literary genres. Then an article can include phrases, stories, stories, legends, stories, interviews, and all possible genres that make a note richer and more bearable. The same happens in social networks, when we want to make a publication that stands out above the rest we can then place a testimony, a riddle, a game, the phrase of a song, a tongue twister or a riddle. That is, play with our audience, invite them to be part of our communication, to be part of our company. In this way then we will retain them in our brand and our networks.

And remember that innovation is always an undisputed premise when it comes to managing content either on your website, social networks, in the blog, or in any type of communicative event that a brand has to make for its audience.