How to create content for the "Millenium"? Speak Digital Native! 2020 -

Born after the year 2000, they have the superpower of having come into the world and having grown up with the Internet. If the generation Millennium is the target of your Content Marketing strategy, here are some tips for learning to speak the digital-native

Create “scrollable” content on your smartphone

Make no mistake about it, Millennium doesn’t mean cooler or less demanding, it’s just the opposite. Accustomed to speed, to fast content, they’re consuming content at lightning speed. To satisfy them, we will have to set the bar high. This is true in any writing, it is even more so if you target digital-native : structure your purpose ! Who says Millennium says Smartphone, your content must be broken down into several ideas that are obvious. In other words, the most important information must be visible on the first scroll, or in less than a minute.

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Write attractive and relevant headings

Speed, yes, precipitation, no. Your content should be clear and concise, but it should not be irrelevant! The digital-native are used to being inundated with information, and they can quickly spot interesting content. Thinking of targeting an easy target? It’s missed! To succeed in bringing added value to your readers who have access to billions of different sites, stand out. Hang their eyes with licked headings, consistent with the content of your sub-sections, which make you want to dwell a little more on reading your article!

Watch out for false promises!

A Millennium, there is no time to waste. Beware if the promises of your titles or subtitles are not kept… You must deserve the time your reader gives you, Leave nothing to chance. Is the title catchy? Make the content even more so, do real research, bring your personal expertise. Subtitles stir up the suspense? Your words must deserve the enthusiasm aroused, give information that your reader will not find anywhere else, do not make him regret having made you the honor of his interest.

Don’t fall into caricature

After these basic tips, let’s get to shape. Yes, the digital-native are “young” (since they are at most 18 years of age). No, that does not mean that they should be addressed to them as children. In terms of digital, they certainly know more than you do, so avoid the paternalistic tone or the professor’s speech! Also, do not try to imitate their codes by repeating the expressions heard in front of high schools. Stay on top of trends, keep up with words trendy, viral phenomena, what buzzes… but without doing too much. Use humor with subtlety, do not force, at the risk of falling into the caricature of the old man who tries to speak to young people (dramatic for a brand image!)

The visual to complete the words

The generation Millenniumis also the generation of the visual. Feel free to illustrate your words with images, infographics, videos. The more your content is enriched, the more it will bring value to your reader. In summary, make sure your speech is understood in less than a minute, and that it is broad enough to stay in the mind of your target!