How to create effective communication with your consumers? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Knowing each audience means understanding their decision-making, and therefore initiating actions that are prone to users leaning in favor of them. In a world saturated with brand options, it is increasingly difficult to excel at creating memorable experiences for customers. And while there is no doubt that the business landscape will continue to evolve and change in the coming years, One aspect that will not change is human psychology and the principles that drive our interactions with companies.

Understanding the way in which these dynamics affect loyalty and commitment can help brands not only stand out from the competition, but also occupy a place of preponderance within the competitive market. In this blog article we will emphasize three psychological principles that explain how brands can take advantage to influence the relationship with their buyers.

1. Use the power of emotion

Most people make decisions based on intuition, emotions, and a sense of personal connection to a particular product or service. According to research by behavioral economist George Loeweinstein, published in his book “Handbook of emotions,” it is confirmed that up to 90% of decisions are based on emotions and not on reasoning.

Here we can do a basic and fundamental exercise thinking about that last thing we have bought:
«How they made that decision»

«On what they based their experience»

Once you have the answers to each of these questions, ask yourself if you chose a product or service based on what you felt, or a methodical analysis. Brands that can really understand the feelings that drive the actions of buyers will be able to cultivate a commitment strategy, to generate loyalty with the brand.

2. Create positive associations

Human beings can relate to the pain, success, and happiness of the other. If you’ve ever seen someone walk on a tightrope, you may feel nervous, anxious, or even a little exalted. Similarly, if you witness how a small child falls and hurts the knee, you may feel sadness and fear in your body, even if you are not experiencing these situations directly. Research shows that the same neurons are activated in your own body when we perform an action, than when we see another person perform them.

This is due to certain neurons called «Mirror neurons», discovered casually in 1996, which they are causes of emotions such as empathy, and they play a fundamental role in the trust and loyalty that one has towards another person.

The application of timeless principles of neuropsychology will have a lasting impact on the accumulated experience of a brand with respect to its audience. Mirror neurons are at stake when they can demonstrate to the target buyer that this brand can solve real problems, create more happiness, or make a dream or desire come true.

This can be achieved through the narration of stories, images, videos, testimonials, case studies and relevant content for brands.

3. Bet on the omni Channel experience

In the Omni-Channel the user is no longer aware of each of the sales channels individually, but maintains a uniform experience throughout all of them. You are allowed to advance the purchase process in the channel you are at and at the time he prefers.

It means that the customer buying experience similarly at any time or place, taking into account their behavior patterns, and not segmented by each sales channel.

To achieve this, a knowledge of your customers is essential, allowing you to perform personalized communication actions.