In today’s business environment, the success or failure of a business can be largely influenced by its web marketing plan. Indeed, attracting new consumers now more than ever requires an effective online presence…

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But orchestrating such a course of action requires a fair amount of experience and knowledge, making it difficult for many people. If you find yourself in this situation and don’t know where to start to create your web marketing plan, here is a quick guide that will get you started independently.

Assess the current situation and your needs

Evaluating the current position of your business will help you identify your needs and the strategy to adopt. For example, if you already have a website and it is out of date, it may well be doing your company more harm than good. Remember that the most profitable websites are often the ones that get the most action from internet users. It is therefore necessary to have a site which encourages Internet users to convert.

It is also important that you assess your goals and deadlines. As I will explain in a second step, the strategy is greatly influenced by the time you want to invest in this project and your budget. It is obvious that if you have a single budget of 500 € to put in your web strategy only, you will not have the same possibilities as a person ready to put 1000 € in his strategy and 1500 € per month thereafter. The larger your budget, the more choices you will have in terms of platforms on which to invest.

Likewise, if you want to be first on Google tomorrow, the strategy will be much different than if you don’t have a specific date in mind and the results can be spread over several months.

Define the main lines of the new web marketing plan

This step is essential. The success of your web marketing plan will depend on the level of precision in its development.

You will first need to select the most suitable strategy. Depending on the objectives that you have defined previously in terms of the time required to have results and the budget that you wish to put into your web marketing strategy, the means will differ.

If you need to get results very quickly, you’ll probably opt for online advertising on platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Indeed, these platforms allow, by investing a certain amount, to be presented to a targeted audience overnight. On the other hand, this strategy is a short-term strategy, because as soon as you stop advertising, you no longer appear naturally on the chosen platforms. You could also decide to do SEO which is a long term strategy that is to say that the results will be more lasting, but will take longer to manifest. I’m only citing two possibilities, but the choices are many and can be complex.

To have a clear vision of what you can do and the investments required, I invite you to contact an expert in the field or read a lot on the subject. You could also make a list of all the possible actions and determine what it takes to properly implement those actions. For example, if you want to have a large active community on Facebook, you will need to spend time managing communities on your page and consider investing a small advertising budget to boost your publications.

Note that if you choose to involve people specializing in your internet marketing plan, they can also follow the evolution of the strategy and make the necessary changes as soon as the need arises.

Be aware of the implementation time upstream

This operation, although it may seem simple at first glance, could turn out to be more complicated than expected. As the founder of a web marketing agency, I often find that customers are surprised by the amount of investment involved in putting a new website online.

Keep in mind that the timelines for web marketing plans are often readjusted. To be sure you stay on course, communicate regularly with your team and always be aware of the actions completed.

Plan to measure results when developing your web marketing plan

During the months following the implementation of your new digital marketing campaign, it is essential that you measure its success via the data that you will regularly collect on attracted traffic, customer calls, new subscribers, etc. Each self-respecting web marketing plan must be adjusted, modified and improved over and over again based on these results. This is probably why a company that is not ready to invest the efforts to optimize its strategies will have difficulty in profiting from it.

To be able to know the results of your web marketing strategy, it will therefore be necessary to establish precise dashboards that will allow you to see the improvement of your online presence. I strongly encourage you to use a tool like Google Analytics and especially to take the time to configure it properly. As surprising as it may seem, many website owners think they are measuring the results of their actions, but are content with the basic functions of Google Analytics. With the right settings, you will really be able to track results and make the right decisions for your business.

Also, as soon as you start working on your web strategy, make it a habit to ask your customers or prospects how they heard about you. Even if they will not be very precise (it is rare that a customer or prospect tells you that they found you on Google AdWords), they will undoubtedly tell you that they found you through the Internet, Facebook or even Google. This is a good way to measure the success of your methods and the effectiveness of your campaign.

In conclusion, remember that you may need to be patient before reaping the rewards of your investments. The worst thing to do is to deviate from your plan (or simply abandon it) when the fallout takes longer than expected to be visible. If your web marketing plan has been carefully designed, taking into account the tips above, you are likely to be successful.