How to decide between two candidates? 2020 -

After having received hundreds of CVs and having met several interview candidates, you still hesitate between two of them. Good news, you have already done a big sorting and there are only two left. Bad news, they have the same skills and their profiles are similar!


Bet on the soft skills of your candidates rather than their hard skills

To decide between your two candidates, you will have to play on details. Today, everyone considers soft skills to be decisive skills to take into account when recruiting. Soft skills are personal and human skills. Unlike hard skills which are technical skills.

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If hard skills can be reproduced at the
perfection by robots, soft skills will never be. The mind
empathy, solving complex problems, sense of
organization, creativity and initiative are examples of
soft skills you need to rely on to choose the right candidate.

Even if the level of education and the number of years of experience can guide your choice, rely more on their soft skills. You recruit above all a personality, a character, a way of being and not a diploma. So, to discover the soft skills of your candidates, you must analyze their actions.

Put your candidates in situation

The classic job interview does not always reveal the personality of the candidates. To decide between your two talents, you have to put them in situation. Gamification in particular can be a plus in your recruitment. A multitude of exercises are applicable to your field of activity: treasure hunts, serious games, escapes games, hackhatons …

During these exercises, your two candidates will reveal themselves more than in a traditional job interview. Indeed, they will have the mission to solve puzzles by showing team spirit, listening, mutual aid … So, you will identify their personalities: are they rather leaders or followers? By breaking the standard recruiting codes, you will learn more about them.

Confront them with recruitment tests

If the scenarios of your two candidates are not enough for you to make your final choice, complete them with recruitment tests. There are different categories of tests. Psychotechnical tests which measure the logical, verbal and digital skills of the candidates.

Likewise, you can use cognitive skills tests that assess the candidate’s knowledge acquisition mechanisms. Skill tests that are linked to a specific position.

Finally, personality tests which allow you to assess their soft skills and know their personality. Thanks to these, the skills and know-how of your candidates will be easily revealed. Their results and analyzes will then allow you to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Then compare them with the soft skills you consider essential for the job. You will then know which one is the most compatible with the vacancy.

Dig more with a final interview

To be sure you make the right choice, ask them for a new interview. Hiring interviews are often similar from one company to another. So to avoid having your candidates prepare ready-made answers, opt for more quirky questions and forget the trivial questions. They will allow you to destabilize your candidates, test their attitudes towards an unforeseen situation and discover them from a new angle. By digging a little deeper, you will determine which one is most compatible with your business.

Finally, select your questions based on the information you want. They must bring real added value. Orient them to gain insight into their personality, work style and critical thinking. Favor open questions rather than closed questions.

Indeed, open questions will encourage them to think while asking closed questions, candidates may answer simply by yes or no. Instead, start your questions with: when, how, where, why … Ask them about their motivations and ambitions. Focus on emotional issues to find out their values ​​and what is important to them.

If you’re really struggling, you may decide to do something that helps you to make your choice. For instance, you can head over here to discover how to complete a criminal record check on your candidates, which may help you to learn more about your potential hires.

Go up to make the presentations

To confirm your preference, present each of the two candidates to the rest of the team. By observing their behavior, you will know which of the two candidates could work on a daily basis with the whole team.

Carry out small individual interviews with your employees to gather their opinions on criteria defined in advance (interpersonal skills, interest in the company, projection in the position, integration capacity …). They should be as objective and honest as possible to help you make your final choice.

Do not give them your opinion first as this may distort their judgment. Take their comments into account as they will have to work with the chosen candidate.

To choose the right person for the right position, recruiting well is a key issue in the life of your business. It is essential to surround yourself with the best team to gain market share. So take your time to make your choice.