Understand how to delight the customer of your business is extremely important for any company, regardless of its segment and size.

Consumers, after all, are (or at least should be) the focus of each organization. And generating value for him has to be the number one priority.

Especially because, the competition is increasingly fierce.

Regardless of the sector in which it operates, daily it is essential to seek practices that show why customers should buy from your company – and not from their opponents.

And you don’t want to be just another one, right?

So, knowing how to delight the customer is what will differentiate your organization. However, some steps are necessary – and need to be followed very carefully.

We will talk about them from now on. We’ll give you some tips on how you can successfully accomplish this mission every day.

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Exceeding expectations: the first step on how to delight the customer

Learn how to delight the customer

One thing needs to be clear from the beginning: delivering only what has been purchased is an obligation.

What you do more than that, then, yes, is the initial way to understand how to delight the customer to be seen as a reference.

We live in a world increasingly impacted by technology – and this has made consumers more demanding.

In the past, it was very common for people to make great efforts to find both the desired product or service and a trusted company.

We are impacted daily with both content and ads. And making decisions just got easier for the customer.

He realized that he had the power of choice and that he would not have to settle for the first offer he came across.

Yes. The game, at this point, has turned.

Therefore, within this scenario, differentiation is important. And it goes through the mission of the customer to understand that this must occur from the first contact he has with the brand.

It is necessary to hold your attention amid a flood of possibilities so as not to go unnoticed.

Because when you succeed in this task – from customer service, the benefits are clear and immediate.

Benefits of delighting the customer

Benefits of delighting the customer

Delighted consumers are loyal, proactive and a great way to mainly generate new sales.

And if that happens, you will have a much lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). On the other hand, LTV, Life Time Value, will be higher.

After all, he will stay with you as long as possible. Why will he change brands if he is having success with yours?

A strong bond, a really powerful link between company and consumer creates evangelizers.

That person will refer you to other customers – which will make your sales cycle shorter.

That is, it will take less time to convince someone to buy your product or service. Your client will have already done this work for you.

More than that, it’s much easier to put upselling strategies into practice for those customers who already know you.

In addition to being open to offering, you will know how to generate value and show the benefits of, for example (for those who sell MRR), a more complete subscription to a service.

6 tips on how to delight the customer daily

Tips on how to delight the customer

Focus on the customer and on generating value for him. This is what companies need to understand and be clear in their day to day.

More than showing authority in its segment, it is necessary to make it clear that there is a concern with the success of customers.

That if a person trusts the brand, he will seek all the means so that he has the best experience possible. Ever.

Selling is important, and everyone wants to increase their sales. But, this cannot happen at any cost.

Read: you cannot simply be consultative, concerned with the prospect’s “pains” and, after selling, simply forget that he exists.

First: how are your company’s values ​​exposed? What message will be transmitted? That you were only interested in his money, right?

This sucks.

Second, be prepared to really, at all ends of the business process, that is, before and after the sale, be at the disposal of those who consume you.

It is from there that you will begin to succeed and understand how to delight the customer.

Below, we have separated 6 actions that can make this mission easier within your company.

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1 – Know your customer very well

Learn how to delight the customer

The first step in truly understanding how to delight the customer is … getting to know them very well, obviously.

You see, taking good care of whoever comes to you is actually a must.

Being kind, receptive and attentive is an essential item and, in reality, I believe that we don’t even need to talk about it much, right?

But to truly know the persona of your business is to understand what “pains” she has.

Why is she approaching you? What is the primary need for it?

Know this and then you will have a successful path to go. Be consultative. Listen, understand and show how you can help.


Anyone looking for a solution obviously has a problem. And those who have a problem are usually in a hurry.

Keep that clear and don’t waste anyone’s time.

With full knowledge of your customer, you will readily understand what he needs and show him.

This is undoubtedly the first step towards enchantment.

2 – Build empathy and trust

Learn how to delight the customer

However, it is useless to know that you understand it, if you do not demonstrate it in an empathetic way and that it generates confidence in the prospect.

Your inbound marketing strategies certainly attracted the customer and made him trust you.

After all, he felt comfortable filling out a form and providing the data for his pre-sales team to contact.

Great. The first barrier has been overcome. Now, in addition to knowing well who is on the other end of the line, it is necessary, with actions, to go further.

The first point is to seek a connection between the salesperson and the prospect. The famous “break the ice”.

A good way to do this is to apply rapport techniques, where you “mirror” the way you speak to those who hear you.

Light topics like weather, football, cinema, among others, are good ways to try an opening before talking about business.

Tuning created, it is time to show why the company is different from the competition.

Open your sales playbook and share data and success stories from other consumers who had problems similar to this opportunity.

Be didactic when talking about exactly how your product or service worked for these customers.

Simplicity and objectivity are what both need at this moment.

3 – Offer something more

Learn how to delight the customer

We mentioned earlier, but it is important to ratify. Enchanting customers is also offering a complementary offer, applying cros selling techniques.

The idea here is to provide the customer with the possibility of adding something that can improve their experience and that they did not realize at first.

Subway is a good example of this. If you have been to one of the restaurants, you may have heard the following question: “twice as much cheese for 1 real?”.

For those who sell SaaS, why not offer hours of implementation or consulting?

In addition to being a good practice that targets the customer’s success, it is a way to make an extra profit on the business.

But, again, make it clear: the intention is not to take every cent from the customer.

Make an offer that really aggregates and that meets the needs that the consumer has.

If you try to “push” new sales at any cost, it will be the opposite of how to delight the customer.

4 – Empower your teams

Learn how to delight the customer

Everyone who is not in the sales area is in the cost area. What exactly does that mean?

It is essential that everyone is able to, in some way, be able to serve customers well.

Regardless of being part of the sales force, any professional needs to know how to be kind, considerate and proactive when dealing with any customer or partner.

Look: it also sells at those times. Imagine, what impression will people get if a collaborator is rude or sloppy at some point of contact?

As much as the negotiation is not taking place at that moment, it is an image and a concept that will be created and that will be registered.

Therefore, those who are not in line with good practices are in the area of ​​costs. It is causing damage to the company. Not profits.

Therefore, everyone needs to be aware that they are part of the business. Who are also the company, regardless of their hierarchical level.

Of course, the example must come from above. Good administrative management, showing examples – not just words – what must be done is essential.

And even if you are not in the best of times, the customer is not to blame, right?

5 – Be agile to attend

Learn how to delight the customer

Agility and assertiveness are essential at any time within the sales process.

When we talk about offering support, then, these elements become even more relevant.

Because, after all, whoever has a problem, is in a hurry.

And a way to give a new dimension and agility is, in addition to having a well-defined SLA, is to offer an omnichannel experience for your customers.

Start and end the same service on different platforms and make him comfortable and safe to know that his request will be promptly answered.

This is an important practice on how to delight the customer and keep them loyal to your brand.

Manage your ticket queue correctly. Structure the area well and don’t keep your customers waiting.

Nothing is worse for your sales metrics than a churn, especially after consumers ask for your help so much – the basics of offering a service or product.

6 – Have a proactive success area

Learn how to delight the customer

Having a well structured customer success area is undoubtedly a great practice on how to delight your company’s customer.

This is a sector of the organization that takes charge of the situation. That is always available to consumers to share the best way to use the contracted product or service.

It is who takes care of the quality of delivery and who takes care, for example, if any user is leaving access to his account.

Therefore, it is also responsible for preventing possible cancellations – which is bad for any business.

It will include customer retention, engagement with the brand, as well as feedbacks and insights to improve the quality of delivery that the company has today.

In this way, the process will always be in constant evolution and its consumers more and more faithful and evangelized to your company.

So, how can we help you?

If you have any questions or want to know more about how to delight customers, speak to a consultant whenever you want.

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