Website optimization, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique to improve the positioning of your website’s links in a search engine’s result listing (for example, Google). It is something very important for companies to attract more customers and, of course, sell more and better.

It is extremely necessary to have a digital presence these days. In fact, it is an obligation for any company that wants to be relevant.

The world has changed a lot. Society is daily impacted by technology and this has changed the behavior of customers.

Today, the bargaining power is with them. And searches for existing needs are and always will be increasingly on the internet.

Therefore, more than having a good website, it is necessary to have website optimization strategies that are really efficient.

You want your target audience to find you, right? What better way to do this if you are not in the top positions of the seekers?

Rank well, organically, when someone types a word related to your business: this is what you need.

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of website optimization. But, we go further: why this is important. Or, better: how does this make your company sell more?

You’ll find that a few simple actions can make all the difference.

Amid so much competition, after all, it is essential to stand out and show your customers that your brand is a must.

Let’s see how this is possible?

Good reading!

Why is website optimization important?

Website optimization

Positioning, or ranking as it is technically called, is organized by the relevance of the content.

This is in relation to the term (keyword) entered in the search field. Then, the greater the relevance, the closer to the first position will be your website link.

Say a user types a specific keyword into the search engine,

Through a good application of SEO techniques, one (or several) of the pages on your website will appear among the first results of organic search.

The main objective of SEO optimization is to improve the ranking of websites in search engines.

Therefore, its biggest advantage is to increase the number of visits to the sites, and the conversion of these visits into potential consumers of the products offered there.

Therefore, with good SEO execution, you have a chance to position your website and make more people know about your product and / or service.

It is important to note that the results from SEO tend to be medium and long term.

Therefore, it is not enough to work with this strategy for a month or two, for example.

It is necessary to have a follow-up of at least six months, so that the results start to revert in business for the organization.

When optimizing strategies, you have:

  • Increased visits to your site – it will be well positioned to re-search search engines, which results in greater visibility and credibility, and makes people trust your brand;
  • Increase in the number of sales – with your website receiving a greater number of visits, people will get to know your product more, which increases the possibility of becoming customers;
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis – unlike traditional media (newspaper, radio, TV) the investment in SEO can be measured. This is done through graphics that analyze your website traffic. Another form of analysis and measurement is to increase the number of sales of your product / service.

Website optimization: a matter of survival for companies

Website optimization

It is a fact: smartphones and mobile devices are dominating and changing people’s consumption habits.

56% of people, that is, 127 million Englandians access the internet only through their cell phones.

Despite the reasonable 4G internet coverage, which covers more than half of the national territory, the real speed of mobile access is almost never the best.

And if opening a website on the mobile screen is becoming more and more normal, the page opening speed already impacts as much as having a responsive website or with a mobile version.

About a third of all online pages in the world already have a mobile version or responsive format.

It is obviously a concern that is justified, since mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet accesses worldwide.

But how long does this page take to load? Imagine a user having to wait 10 seconds to be able to view your page ?!

In today’s immediate world, this is the equivalent of leaving a customer 10 minutes in front of the counter waiting for service.

In such cases, there is no digital marketing strategy or job well done by the digital agency that can help your business.

The likely reaction of the Internet user will be the rejection of the page (when a user closes it without interacting with it).

According to the Internet Steering Committee (, England reached 50% of households with internet access in 2015, or 32.3 million households.

In addition, 51% of the urban population and 24% of the country’s rural population over 10 years old access the network via cell phones or mobile devices.

this cake, only 24% of the urban population and 5% of the rural population have internet faster than 8 Mb per second.

So, your website is beautiful, functional, updated periodically and with incredible content, but nobody has the patience to wait for it to open to read…

If it couldn’t get worse, slow-loading pages hinder your website’s appearance in Google searches and even Google Adwords.

Mobile site optimization

Mobile website optimization

Since 2015, Google already considers the experience of users on mobile devices as relevant data.

Either for the good positioning of the pages in the searches, or to define the Google Ads quality index – which impact the cost of bidding per click.

The company does not disclose the exact criteria that its algorithm takes into account.

But it is a fact that the speed of opening the page (on any device, mainly on mobiles) is one of those criteria. Just look at the first results in a simple search.

It makes sense, since Englandians bought 104 smartphones per minute in 2014, according to IDC Brasil.

And they use them to make several purchases. 7 out of 10 citizens in the country use the device to purchase products or services.

The importance of website speed for classes C, D and E

Many entrepreneurs are not so concerned with the quality of their website because they understand that they sell to an economically emerging public, made up of classes C, D and E.

However, points out that 50% of classes D and E and 30% of class C have cellular internet (3G, 4G or mobile modem) as their main domestic connection.

For these people, the time it takes to open a page means more or less data being consumed.

In other words, time is money, since mobile bandwidth services are charged for quotas of megabytes used per month.

A slow website will always give the impression of being heavier and, consequently, prohibitive to be accessed.

Let’s say your company’s audience is not mostly C, D, and E.

However, do you know your customers and potential customers well enough to say that they will never access your site from a cell phone or mobile device?

So it is important, for example, to have your business persona well defined. Profiling the ideal client (ICP) will help many of your strategies.

The smartphone is increasingly becoming the center of people’s lives.

In it, people keep their affective memories, communicate, pay bills, solve problems, play games …

And, of course: they make new accounts, with purchases without leaving the front of the device.

6 website optimization tips for you to sell more and better

Website optimization tips

Sell ​​more and better. Reduce CAC and understand how to delight the customer. Without a doubt, these are scenarios that all managers look for, right?

Having inbound marketing strategies that attract, by quality, the target audience is a good practice within companies.

And it is through website optimization that organizations are able to generate a really positive impact.

We have separated, therefore, 6 actions that you can apply on your site to reach the top positions of Google.

These are some of the most valuable marketing tips to apply to companies and, of course: attract more consumers.

Of course (and it must be clear) it is a medium and long term job. The important thing is to implement the actions in an assertive manner.

And, of course: the more you show consumers that you are truly customer focused, the better it will be for your company.

After all, we are talking about generating value. Deliver what customers need, in the right form and at the right time.

Check out the tips:

1 – Define the goals of the website creation

When creating a website, companies expect it to meet all of their goals and objectives.

  • disclosure of your brand;
  • attractive design;
  • rank on the first pages of search engines;
  • be assertive in the strategy of how to attract customers;

So, before we talk about website optimization, we need to take a few steps back.

When creating your website, attracting customers should be the main and final objective of the website.

Besides, what is your goal with creating a website? What is his purpose?

Which audience would you like to reach? Institutional or ecommerce?

Keep these answers very clear before taking any project off the paper.

2 – Research the market that is online

Website optimization tips

To understand how to improve your business and how to reach your audience, research! Benchmarking. Apply the BCG matrix. Roll up your sleeves!

Always be aware of your competitors:

  • what information are they disclosing?
  • what is their position?
  • what differential are they offering to customers?
  • what is the interaction of users on social networks?

It is important to know some of this information to know your company’s position in relation to them.

Or, what position will your company take in the face of your customers’ online strategies.

Analyzing this data, your company will know the objectives and give you the necessary guidelines for your website optimization strategies.

3 – Keep your website content fresh

It is also not enough to just create the site and forget about it, it is necessary that you or someone specialized update it constantly.

Yes, content marketing is extremely important and decisive for lead generation to be a success – not a headache – in your business.

Frequent content and the real interest of your target audience is also an SEO strategy.

So, get to work again. Post cool content on your blog, share news often.

Website optimization is to keep a living organism in full working order.

A static website, without interaction with users, containing outdated information and with little content is unlikely to bring the results you envisioned for your business.

So: provide information, graphics, videos, inspiring stories, relevant content. Say something bold, arouse the interest of users.

If you apply the chicken and egg analogy, the content is definitely the egg: which comes first.

4 – Optimize your page titles

SEO website optimization tips

Adding meta-titles to your pages is the first and simplest step for you to optimize your website and make it more relevant in search engines.

Let them know: “Hey, I’m here and I’m relevant to this keyword”.

Any SEO expert will tell you that, first of all, they will have to find which keywords are relevant to your site.

Truth be told: this is something you can also do yourself. Do some research and find out which keywords are most relevant to your site.

Look at your competitor’s page titles, for example. And use tools like Keyword Planner for that.

Also, focus on “long tail” keywords. These are KWs that involve similar words and are more specific to a particular topic (3 or 4 words).

Long tail keywords convert better, and are easier to classify.

5 – Make natural link building

Everyone who has a website has heard about link building, that is, connecting your website with others to link them back to yours.

The way it is done, however, has changed dramatically in recent years, and doing it incorrectly can be harmful.

Google’s algorithms were created in order to detect “unnatural” links, such as some paid links, exaggerated anchor texts, etc.

This can be tricky for a newbie to SEO. However, in general it can be said that the calls cannot be forced.

They must happen organically. And how to be successful in getting good connections has a lot to do with the content you create.

Good actions for natural link building involve writing posts hosted on interesting blogs, the so-called guest post.

It also helps to have a good activity on social media and to associate with other bloggers with common interests.

Never ignore YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world. Only, of course, behind Google.

A high traffic blog is defined by its content, otherwise readers will not visit it often.

If what you produce is interesting – and related to a topic that fellow bloggers care about – it increases the chances that they will want to talk about you.

6 – Finally: test your website’s opening speed

Website optimization tips

The trend in accesses and traffic through mobile devices is irreversible. When the market takes a turn for changes, the ideal is to adapt to new needs so as not to be left out.

Worse still, not fitting in is the same as not meeting consumer demands. And that is unforgivable!

However, Google would not be so cruel, simply punishing the slowest sites.

The company that is synonymous with the internet offers a test of the speed of opening the pages on the net. Better yet, it gives you tips that you can share with your digital agency to make your website faster.


After all, you need to know if website optimization strategies have actually delivered results, right?

After applying these points, you should start to notice a significant increase in traffic, a deeper interest in your products.

Fancy in good material to download (like eBook, infographics, etc.). Create good landing pages to guarantee the lead.

If you do that, your visitors will become contacts and, if you structure your sales process well, they will become your customers.

When you create your company’s website, it becomes a tiny grain of sand among hundreds of thousands of others in the cyber universe.

That’s why website optimization is and will always be so important.

So, how can we help you?

If you are unsure about the content or want to share any pain about prospecting and sales, talk to a consultant.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you positively impact your target audience.

The first talks about how to have excellence in service to the people who come to you.

The second tells how relationship marketing is important for any business.

Good sales!

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