How to double your number of Facebook fans through a contest 2020 -

Last March, I showed you 3 examples of campaigns to develop and engage your community on social networks. Today, I’m giving you a practical case. Let’s see together, how Star’s Music was able to double its Facebook fan base and create engagement while collecting emails thanks to an application created simply with Adpow …

Viral contests remain a safe bet in marketing, including on social networks. Star’s Music got it right by launching three games simultaneously using the turnkey applications offered by Adpow.

The context : the brand, which offers points of sale in Paris, Lyon and Lille distributes musical instruments. The objective of his communication on social networks is therefore, quite naturally, to reach music enthusiasts.

In order to boost its visibility on Facebook, Star’s Music has set up contests to win instruments.

Important : when you launch contests, remember to choose your lots. Here Stars ’Music, by offering instruments, is sure to reach qualified prospects.

As we mentioned in our previous article, Adpow offers you to create applications asking participants to perform certain actions. In this case, he was asked to go to the Facebook page and enter his email.

Simple but effective since, via the 3 competitions organized within one week, the brand has:

  • Doubled the number of fans on its Facebook page: the page thus registered 22,787 new users;
  • Generated 40,000 clicks with an average conversion rate of 24% (with a peak at 32%);
  • Collected emails to communicate with fans after the operation.

Very good results for an intensive week of campaign.

What to remember from this practical case:

  1. The contests remain an excellent acquisition lever;
  2. It is essential to use a tool to create your contests to: collect participants’ emails, collect CRM information and generate more interactivity;
  3. The lot remains a determining factor: it is essential to choose it well in order to reach people in affinity with its brand.

If you’re interested in Star’s Music, you can find more information about the campaign by clicking here.

And to carry out this type of operation too, test Adpow, the solution also offers a lot of completely free options to get an initial idea.

Article written in collaboration with Adpow