How to export and import the product catalog in CSV (with Excel) - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

In CWT Advertising you can manage your product catalog quickly from an Excel spreadsheet. To do this you must follow the following steps:

1- Enter the administration, then the “Products” section.
2- Once you are in this section press the “IMPORT / EXPORT .CSV” button. Then select “Export to .CSV”.

3- Save the generated file on your PC.

4- Then enter Excel, create a new form and select the option “Obtain external data – From text”. This option can be found in the “Data” menu.

5- A screen will open where you must indicate how to obtain this data.

6- On the first screen you should not select anything, just press “Next”. The following screen is displayed:

7- On this screen, in the “Separators” section, select only the “Comma” option. Then press “Finish.”
8- Once this is done you will have in your Excel spreadsheet the list of your previously loaded products. Modify or add products and then select “Save As.”

Important: remember that to add a new product you must NOT complete the “Id” field.

9- Save the file with the name you want and select as File Type: “CSV (comma delimited)”:

10- Then go back to the administration of your Website, products section, and select “Import from CSV”

11- The system will show you a screen where there is a button with the caption: “Upload File”, click on it and select the file you created to import your products. Once you add it, the following screen will be displayed:

12- Press the “PROCESS CSV” button and all the products of the CSV file will automatically be imported into your Website. You can verify that the process has been successful by going to the products section and viewing them from the list.