How to feel the new business trends? 2020 -

It was during the Viva tech ’event in Paris that Rémy Bigot brought up the subject of new business trends accompanied by Jordan, a professional retraining coach. Indeed, under what better circumstances can we talk about new business trends than at this essential trade show for entrepreneurs?

The successful entrepreneur is also the entrepreneur who knows how to feel new trends, who knows how to analyze a market and thus be one step ahead. Obviously, it’s not as simple as going to a psychic’s house and reading the future of business in a crystal ball. Why is it so important to feel the new trends in the business? There are several reasons for this:

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  • Know how to bring freshness to your market. You have to know how to adapt to grow your business. For example, if new photo software makes a splash in a foreign country and makes you gain in efficiency, it is particularly interesting to master it before arriving in England and to offer a tutorial. Your customers also follow you for the novelty that you bring them;
  • Get rich if you can catch a new trend in time. For example, knowing how to invest in a new startup or even becoming a partner in a project. You can also launch an idea and then protect it by being the first to realize it;
  • Use the best resources for your success. If you stay with old tools, it would be foolish to think you have better results. On the other hand, if you are open to novelty and efficient tools, you will evolve quickly.

There are many good reasons for knowing how to feel new business trends, but how do you do it in concrete terms?

1. Follow trends abroad

Rather than focusing on following what is done in England, many entrepreneurs follow those of their theme abroad and particularly in the United States. The reasons: this country is more ahead of us in general and especially in business trends, a much higher number of entrepreneurs and thus different ways of thinking that can influence you.

2. Going to trade shows

As Rémy does here, the shows in your theme (if they exist) are opportunities not to be missed to feel the new business trends. This is where you will have the opportunity to meet real entrepreneurs who also come from all over the world and to exchange views on where they are.

3. Subscribe to newsletters

This is doing what is called “competitive intelligence” and analyzing all the news by subscribing to RSS feeds for example or to email newsletters. Then it’s up to you to sort through the information and read the most relevant. You will have ideas of new trends every day.

4. Reading books

Reading books can make it possible to know how to read between the lines (and not the crystal ball) to have clicks on what can work as a business trend. If the author talks about a relevant example that worked well, this can give you the idea of ​​a similar example to get a multi-million dollar idea.

5. Test for yourself

When a product is launched, the entrepreneur is never 100% sure that it will work, which is quite difficult to establish in advance, even if there are clues to help us. In order not to take too many risks, but you believe in a project, why not test on a small audience? Use surveys, mini-launches, samples and see how it works.