How to Find a Job in an SEO Agency? 2020 -

In 2013, Canada had more than 83,000 French expatriates. Since then, Canada’s popularity has grown steadily. The very popular working-holiday permit is one of the reasons that push young French people to try the adventure in Canada, because it allows them to stay on Canadian territory for 2 years …

Many French people turn to the city of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, to try their luck. With 1.65 million inhabitants, Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. It is popular with French people for many reasons, but the fact that it is a French-speaking city is a real asset.

Training & Co'm

If you are currently working in the SEO field and you are tempted to expatriate, we offer some tips for finding a job in an SEO agency in Montreal.

Communication and marketing websites

There are many job sites in Quebec, and it is not necessary to have already arrived in Montreal to start your job search. Websites such as Job Boom, Indeed, Emploi Québec and Workopolis are full of job offers.

However, in order to find an agency specializing in SEO in Montreal, we advise you to consult four websites in particular:

  • Isarta;
  • Infopress;
  • Attic for jobs;
  • Espresso-Jobs.

These websites are dedicated to communication and marketing professionals in Quebec.


Isarta is an independent company offering training in the fields of communication and marketing. It also offers employers in Quebec to post job offers in these fields directly on its website.

Isarta is not a placement agency, but is a real resource for finding a job and finding different recruiting web agencies.


Groupe Infopresse is a media group specializing in communication in the province of Quebec. The company publishes a monthly magazine and organizes conferences and training for all communication, design, marketing and media professionals.

Infopresse’s website is full of articles of particular interest in communication. Representatives from different Montreal SEO agencies can also publish articles on the website. This is why Infopresse offers quality content written by professionals for professionals.

Infopresse Jobs is a website dedicated to job offers in the communication industry in Quebec and is an easy-to-use platform that can put you in touch with web and SEO agencies. According to Infopresse, 40,000 candidates per month visit their site.

Attic for jobs

Grenier aux Emplois is a company that distributes job offers through its site, publishes a magazine, disseminates news in the field of communication, and organizes events and training.

Its Grenier aux Emplois website publishes job offers in communication as well as in the web field. Like Isarta and Infopresse, it is not a placement agency, but it does allow you to put you directly in touch with different web agencies.


Espresso-Jobs is a site offering job offers in marketing, communication, web, information technology, VFX animation and video games. Since 2008, Espresso-Jobs has been supporting SMEs in their recruitment procedures by offering an affordable website to post their job offers.

1,000 companies are registered on the website and more than 10,000 job offers have been published there since its creation. Many web agencies also publish regularly on Espresso-Jobs when there is a job opening. So do not hesitate to stay alert by visiting this site.

Contact SEO agencies directly

If you still have not found the SEO job of your dreams after consulting these four job boards, we suggest that you contact the SEO agencies directly. Indeed, Montreal has a huge number. You just have to do a little search on Google to realize it, because SEO in Montreal has a primordial place in web agencies. To find a job in this area, for example, type “SEO agency Montreal”. You will quickly realize that this keyword is very coveted.


We therefore recommend that you list the SEO agencies that interest you and contact them directly, because employers do not post all their job openings online. Spontaneous applications are also particularly recommended in Canada.

However, it is essential that you adapt your resume to Canadian style and that you write a personalized cover letter. Believe us, as an SEO agency in Montreal, we receive many applications and most of the cover letters are clearly not personalized. Web agencies like to see a bit of originality to strengthen their teams!

Be motivated and curious

There are many opportunities in Montreal to find a job in SEO thanks to all these web agencies. However, you must know how to find these agencies and do not hesitate to show them all your motivation and your curiosity. Indeed, even if you do not yet know all the secrets of SEO (if this is the case, we say Bravo!), SEO agencies will be ready to welcome you if you want to continue learning more about the subject.

The field of SEO is a constantly evolving sector, and it is certain that a good SEO specialist is a person who does not rely on his basic knowledge.


After getting these little tips, we hope you are motivated to work in an SEO agency in Montreal. Explore specialized job sites, contact SEO agencies directly and show your curiosity. And who knows, one or more SEO agencies could open their doors to you with pleasure…