How to find a work-study program in the field of web marketing? -

Find a work-study is far from an easy task. Where to start in your research? Which platforms should you turn to for easily find a work-study ?

If this was not already complicated enough, in addition to having to find companies that welcome work-study students, the competition between candidates can be fierce. As companies usually face many demands, it is essential that you stand out.

In this article, I will therefore guide you in order to allow you to find a work-study program in the field of web marketing.

1. Look for your work-study program on the right platforms

One of the skills you will need to develop in order to find a work-study program in the field of web marketingis patience. Before landing the ideal work-study program, you are going to have to spend some time doing your research. To save you days or weeks of research, here are some ideas of platforms to turn to:

  • Indeed: a site specializing in job search;
  • LinkedIn: the social network for companies, recruiters, entrepreneurs, job seekers, future work-study students, interns, etc. ;
  • Facebook Jobs: a social network that offers job advertisements through various groups dedicated to this purpose;
  • Specialized sites: there are sites adapted to the field of marketing such as Emploi du Net or Webmarketing & co’m.

In addition to all these examples, I advise you to monitor the social networks of companies that have potential in order to find a work-study program in the field of web marketing.

Some companies are present on platforms, but you will find that they are not exploiting their functions at all. Is it a lack of time or a lack of resources?

Either way, this is an opportunity for you. This is your chance to apply to find your work-study program in the field of web marketing.

2. Take care of your application to find a work-study program in the field of web marketing

You have now found companies that would be of interest to you, and that offer you a work-study program. So now is the time to apply. There is no question of taking this step lightly. You will have to use all your skills to try to land an interview (at a minimum). For this, you will therefore need several essential tools.


The curriculum vitae is a tool without which your application would most likely never be received. You will have to summarize your educational and professional background, on the front of an A4 sheet (if possible).

Here, it is not a question of making long sentences, but rather of going to the point. The recruiter must be able to quickly identify your background. Also show your skills, hobbies, travels, etc.

It’s up to you to sort it out and choose whether or not it is important to show certain summer jobs, for example.

A personalized cover letter

It is through this letter that you will have to convince that you are the ideal candidate to join the company for which you are applying. This letter must be personalized. Forget the generalist letters. Show that you really educated yourself about the company, and that you don’t choose it out of spite (although it may be true).

A good e-reputation

Also known as web reputation, cyber reputation or digital reputation, this is the image you convey on the web. Even if the recruiter suspects that you have a social life, they don’t need to find pictures of you on a boozy birthday by Sabrina’s pool.

So pay attention to the information and photos of you circulating on the web. It does not make sense to sort through the various social networks before sending your application …

The diplomas

Your diplomas are summarized on your CV. However, you can also attach proof of their obtaining with photocopies of your diplomas (never the originals of course).

Letters of recommendation from former employers

To prove your efficiency and your skills, nothing better than the advice of your former employers. If you’ve had a good experience, ask them to write you a letter of recommendation.

Preparation beforehand

If you have managed to get an appointment for your work-study program, consider preparing it. Being yourself is good, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself beforehand. In particular, think about the different questions asked during a job interview.

3. Understanding the number 1 asset of a work-study trainee: differentiation

Here is a third tip to help you find a work-study program in the field of web marketing.

You must assume that the companies to which you are applying receive several work-study requests. So why should you be the person who should join the company? The degrees you have can be a strength, but most likely many of you have the same.

It is therefore your personality and extra-curricular skills that will make the difference.

Expressing your difference in words is already a good point. However, I advise you to go further and bet on a original format for your presentation. To do this, let go and let your creativity speak. Why not display your CV as a video? This is a good opportunity to show that you handle the various video editing software. If you’ve worked on your charisma, maybe you’ll make an appearance on the screens?

4.Bonus: highlight your professional projects created on your own account

This bonus part is closely related to what we have just seen. If you are a self-employed person, or just about to start your own business, make it a differentiator. If you’ve grown an Instagram account, a YouTube channel or even a website, put your expertise forward.

It’s a way to show your motivation, but also your professional maturity.

To get to where you are now, you’ve probably had to sacrifice a few moments of socializing with your friends, or put aside a few hobbies.

You will show that you are a person capable of to invest, to give the means to achieve its objectives and develop a project.

You now have all the tools to find a work-study program in the field of web marketing. All stages of the process are important and take time. Your patience and the investment you have shown in finding your work-study program will be rewarded.

So, go now in search of companies for your work-study program on the various social networks. Take care of your image, make a summary of your skills and everything that differentiates you, and get the work-study program of your dreams.