Social Media – [Facebook Live] Live & Co’m # 9 How to generate leads with the new Linkedin tool & other social media and web marketing news – April 10, 2017

Hi all ! This week we had a little technical problem with the sound! This is why you will have your program in 2 parts. Are you a marketer? Communication pro? Entrepreneur? CEO of an SME? Have you launched a startup? You must be very busy? This live is for you. Each week, we offer you the latest in social media and web marketing so that you can perform in your brand and / or business development activities …

This week we will talk about:

  • Facebook button donation / Emoticons /;
  • Instagram “blur” option;
  • Twitter for Business and a Twitter lookalike;
  • Snapchat search;
  • How to generate prospects through a new function on LinkedIn;
  • Jobs of the week;
  • Clip Apple’s new app;
  • Event of the week: Vidéo City, Paris;
  • Etc.

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Part 2 :

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See you next week… Keep learning and educating yourself to become the pros you need to be!

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