How to get relevant links this summer 2013 ? 2020 -

A big part of my job is to improve the marketing of my clients’ websites. Even today, SEO is a great way to make your site more popular, and therefore, your products and services too. To improve your SEO, obtaining links leading to your site, your web pages, is essential. We are now in summer 2013 and it would be interesting to take stock of what works and what does not work. not more. You can then take stock with your web agency: what does it use, what does it proscribe, what does it test? Let’s review new and good old techniques, sometimes from the dawn of time…

How and where to obtain relevant links this summer 2013?
How and where to obtain relevant links this summer 2013?

Purchase of link pack

You can buy packs of links leading to your website. This service can be provided for a ridiculous price and concerns any theme.

My opinion

These types of services should never have existed. But as long as there are buyers, there will be sellers. I can assure you that you will not get relevant links from these services. More seriously, you risk being penalized by Google, since it will see that you get a lot of links at once.

A pizzeria, a news magazine, or a marketing blog don’t need the same kind of links. So how could a bunch of links from sites unrelated to you improve your SEO?

So, we permanently remove this method from your strategy.


There are paid and free, generalists and specialists, good and bad,…

My opinion

Directories, you will find thousands on the web. Directories like Yahoo or Dmoz were too Big and the user could no longer find their way. Results, or they’re gone or they’re in the deep ocean.

Specialized directories are the future. Directory of dentists, automotive sites, local directories … As you have to be more and more precise on your site to attract potential customers, the directories must deal with a specific topic. Otherwise, the user will leave it immediately. Google will then not consider it relevant and it will bring you nothing. Either, think Niche Marketing.


By sponsorship I mean the fact of financially supporting an organization or an event in exchange for a link back to your website.

My opinion

Google analyzes footprints (bottom of page). You will not be penalized because you appear in footprints but do not be surprised that they are not taken into account for your referencing. I would rather suggest that you sponsor one or two specific organizations with which you really agree, without paying attention to the notoriety that they would bring to your site on the web.

Comments on blogs

Blogs attract many spammers. Forums too. Some blogs offer few relevant comments. As a result, Google does not give any importance to the links found there.

My opinion

If you provide relevant comments, they will already have more weight. And if they are located on blogs recognized for their quality and dealing with your theme, you do bingo.

If you want to leave a comment at the bottom of this article, think about clearly talking about what is in question here, or be quiet ;-), it would not help you. Bloggers are increasingly filtering your posts. We are fed up with spam! (For more info, see: I found this article particularly interesting).

Guest articles

There is nothing extraordinary about creating guest articles on other blogs. It is no different from a press article or infomercial.

The end goal is almost always the same: create content with a link to your website. But not all guest article opportunities are created equal God Google.

My opinion

Blogs like this one accept only value-added items and dealing with their theme bring you more weight. A blog that has been around for a while, several years, attracting a significant audience and gaining credible links will be more important to Google. Take into account whether or not he admits any blogger.

Don’t forget, it’s interesting to post on recognized blogs on your topic. But it is also interesting that you welcome bloggers to yours.

Mobile communication

There are many ways to make your site accessible on mobile (mobile version or application automatically adapting your site). If you don’t currently have a possible adaptation for your website, be creative. If you have a restaurant for example, why not include it in an existing application that will allow you to be found when people pass by?

My opinion

If you don’t pay attention to the growing use of iPhones & Smarphones, you may quickly find yourself at the back of the pack. Having a site is good! Thinking about its visibility is even better! But you know that we are moving towards a use of the mobile which will be even more important than that of the PC. So be there! Make your site easily searchable on mobile.


These tips are not intended to allow you to create more links to your site. ” No interest “. What I want is for you to be able to do your promotion more effectively, so that you meet more customers.

The goal of creating quality content is to make it easy to find, not just through search engines. You have to be able to find your content in multiple ways and that it encourages sharing.

And you, do you get links differently? Examples to share?