how to get rid of it for good? 2021 -

You have afraid to sell and it’s even worse when it comes to offering or talking about your products or services? When you have to directly discuss your offers, everything is complicated and you start to worry. Yet you know it, if you want to run your activity, whatever it is, the sale is a necessary step. You see others doing this with such ease that it annoys you even more that you can’t do it. Come on, it’s normal and know that everyone knows that. I am going to give you the story of Pierre, a merchant friend and petrified of sales, to illustrate this and give you the ultimately simple remedy for all this …

When traditional commerce inspires the web marketer.

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afraid to sell honey

1 – Honey and bees

Pierre was stressed every time he unfolded his stand in the markets.

The fear of selling petrified him.

Passionate about honey and bee products, he had taken a long time to find the best products.

Honey of all kinds from the best hives, his selection was made, he was sure, the quality of his products would make them go like hot cakes.

I knew Pierre through a mutual friend who also does the markets who introduces me to this guy ” too shy to be here ”.

I saw Pierre suffer behind his yellow table.

With each “prospect” who passed and stopped, our man stiffened, said nothing, did not look at his potential buyer, looked away and tried to manage his stress: it hurt us to look at it.

Pierre was there and hardly sold anything, was moping and knew that if he didn’t change anything, his dream would turn into a nightmare.

I was going to help him with some advice. So, follow me, because this problem even happens to infopreneurs!

Afraid to sell his sweets
I’m afraid to sell

2 – The impostor syndrome or the fear of the autodidact

This is what happens when you learn on your own and want to offer something.

We spent hours, weeks, months working, learning and ultimately building expertise.

No matter the field, the hardworking becomes good.

But to learn alone without a diploma at the end, without official validation, without recognition of the other knowing does not really allow to situate oneself.

This is where this autodidact syndrome happens.


According to statistics, more than 70% of people would suffer of impostor syndrome during their lifetime.

This form of sickly doubt can affect private life, but also professional life.

So let’s be reassured, even the pro sales, the relentless traders still suffer.

3 – Fear of selling: The little video that feels good

For those who like this format, here is in 8 minutes how to get rid of it.

When I figured out how to help Peter, I first bought him a jar of royal jelly and beeswax.

This is how I “Made the buyer” by making him talk.

He didn’t know me yet so I approached his booth.

Hello, I need a solution, I am tired and I have been told that royal jelly is recommended? That is true ? ”

“Yes absolutely, royal jelly is highly recommended for that. Indeed, it stimulates the immune system and will allow you to fight, if you take a cure, against exhaustion and winter depression … “

He did not lack knowledge and arguments the guy and could have detailed me each molecule of the hive.

Change paradigm

Here is the 1st tip.

When we stop believing that to sell is to force, we take the first step.

Selling is NEVER forcing! Point.

Here, Pierre, by being advised, lost all his shyness and his fear to make room for the connoisseur he really was.

Here is the trick to get rid of the fear of selling : do not sell !!

A good salesperson is someone who offers a solution to a problem.


And this posture, this change of point of view, this complete twist change the game : Pierre knew how to find all the solutions thanks to his beehive products.

Fear of selling: not to speak but to put in the hand

When we got to know each other better, Pierre understood that changing his point of view made him good and he gained a little confidence. But HOW to do for the first approach to a customer?

My simple answer: PUT in your hand!

It is the best selling technique, used by Apple in its Apple stores, the most profitable stores in the world.

Result: Pierre quadrupled his sales in the 1st week in 1 action and 1 change of point of view.

afraid to sell varnish

The fear of selling, the syndrome of the impostor or the autodidact also exist on the web of course.

OK Cédric you’re nice, but how do you get a product to taste on the internet?

How do you advise and change the paradigm since prospects know very well that we are there to sell?

This is the trick I repeat: don’t sell! “Give” solutions.

That’s why you have to create a well-made persona, that you have to understand your market. That’s what all blog posts and other advice are for – giving solutions to problems.

Give the sausage a taste on the internet

This amounts to offering a lead magnet, a useful bonus allowing you to collect an email and show authority, knowledge… always by helping (see the Lead magnet).

To test for the online trainer can be to offer a piece of his 1st module free of charge in order to put his finger in the gear.

Whoever sells physical products will be able to:

  • Post usage videos;
  • Show customer reviews who have already tasted the product;
  • Offer live testing;
  • Send samples;
  • Etc.

In physical commerce, we call this: “to taste the sausage” and it is the best way to sell it!

So go ahead, be good advisers and you will be great salespeople.

For the rest, you will only be missing a few sales techniques discussed in this up-sell article which has received over 4,500 readers (the up-sells).