Marketing AutomationTHE Digital Marketing Automation It is a key piece in Online Marketing strategy.

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Automating communication between the company and its contacts sounds simple, but it requires a well-defined strategy to accomplish this. The main goal of a marketing automation is to start and maintain a relationship with your prospects. It also creates a system that unifies email marketing, lead generation, and nurturing leads to develop a sales process that delivers a higher volume of qualified, better-prepared leads.

THE digital marketing automation It saves time, human and financial resources, but it doesn’t make marketing work useless! While the company has only 10 leads completing the funnel stages, marketing can do the trick. But as that number increases, it’s hard for you to organize the sending of emails, determine if and when they completed the steps, and when to move to the sales team. And that’s where marketing automation comes in: offering scale as well as practicality, as the team doesn’t have to do the work manually.

And it also helps you achieve results faster. Remember: Lead nurturing can generate up to 50% more leads ready to refer to the sales department at 33% lower cost. Worth a try, no?

Delivering relevant content, providing qualified leads to the sales team, getting more customer insights, closer lead relationships, and helping the prospect complete the nutrition automation flow are the main reasons that lead a company to implement this strategy.

If you want to start and don’t know where, we have separated a guide with the initial steps. Check it out:

Go from zero to basic

Don’t waste too much time planning complex, far-reaching, multi-step digital marketing automation. Start with the basics and evolve your digital marketing automation as your prospects respond and your company adapts to the process. To get started, identify the stages of purchase, 1-2 personas and focus on the essentials. Over time you will see what works and what does not, with possibilities to test and adjust.

Plan an action for each step of the digital marketing funnel

The first step in creating a flow of digital marketing automation No mistakes for sure is planning! To think about your customer’s buying journey is to predict which paths he will take, and to lay out his automation according to each step, so that you can influence him on each one. Campaigns with the greatest potential for success are those that are present at the turning point and present your brand as a solution to the problem. Understand a consumer’s path in a generic funnel:

  • Discovery: Prospects first discover your brand or product / service;
  • Interest: Prospects are beginning to realize that your product / service will add value to their daily lives;
  • Consideration: Prospects decide to read more about your business, your brand, what you do (at that point they become leads);
  • Intent: Leads show interest in your business and ask for information and contacts;
  • Conversion: Time of purchase;
  • Loyalty: When a satisfied customer becomes a loyal customer and repeats the entire process.

Now, to create the perfect digital marketing automation flow, you need to think like a consumer and study your steps at each step of your company’s marketing funnel. To plan the buying journey, consider: What would the prospect convert at each stage of your funnel?

Create persuasive content

Although the prospect has agreed to participate in your digital marketing automation flow, it does not mean that it will read all your emails. After defining what would make the prospect convert in each step, it is time to define what content will be used for him to perform this action. Review the blog posts, eBook, videos, and all the material on your site. It is normal for some content to be pending, but put it on the production line as soon as possible.

The issue is decisive for opening emails

It’s because digital marketers know that email has a high rate of return that inboxes are full. Want to know how to differentiate yourself from all competitors? The subject is the prospect’s first contact, and it is what will decide whether or not he will read your email. Use call-to-action, emojis and first name if possible. All to arouse interest and curiosity!

Opt for a responsive layout

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is sending an email with a layout that doesn’t fit mobile devices or visual elements that make reading difficult. According to Hubstpot, 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices, but only 11% are responsive. Also, 69% of mobile users delete emails that don’t fit their screen. To avoid being on this list, choosing to keep the message simple, short paragraphs, easy-to-access links, and text on bulleted topics help at the time of reading.

DO NOT buy mailing lists

These people did not ask to receive your content! Sending emails to people who didn’t ask greatly increases their chance of marking your domain as spam, so it increases your domain’s chances of being blacklisted by domains (and we don’t want that). Be ethical and build your base through relevant content and good rapport with your leads.

Build a relationship

Be transparent

Explain how many emails he will receive from now on, how often and why. Showing the lead path (as shown here) is a good way to gain your trust and prevent it from falling apart because you don’t know what will come next.

Customize the email

Trusting the sender of the message can be essential to opening the email, so the importance of signing with your personal name is important. This detail “humanizes” the company and email as it gives your brand a name and a face, making your leads feel closer.

Also remember to use the first name of the contact who is receiving the email makes the person feel comfortable. Do not you agree?

Be helpful

It may not seem that important at first glance, but an email with “any questions, I’m here to help you” makes all the difference. Automation is meant to maintain a relationship with the lead, so this kind of phrase is essential. Offer help, ask questions, and remember to answer the messages.

Commercial Approach

Once the prospect converts at all stages of the funnel or requests a contact, marketing communicates sales that the lead is ready for the approach and the sales team kicks in. This person is now more qualified and in a funnel stage that the interest in buying your product / service is higher, as a result the seller’s approach will be facilitated.

Remember that the goal of a digital marketing automation It is not only about automating processes and saving time, but also about starting and maintaining relationships with your prospects. It is these relationships that will increase the quantity and quality of leads for the sales team.

So when the first marketing automation is complete, don’t get the job done, update content, replace, and add steps in the flow as you produce new posts and materials. Realize how your audience responds to automation and adjust as needed. Marketing automation doesn’t keep you from keeping track of the process, taking care of your leads, tracking their nutrition, and aligning the details with the sales team. She doesn’t do all the work for you, nor should she.

Enjoy and read why lead generation is so important to your business. Also be sure to read some motivational phrases to make your day more productive.

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