Easier to design and manage than a traditional website, blogs have not only appealed to fashionistas and travel enthusiasts. Beyond traditional fashion or lifestyle blogs, this support can also serve your business and help you generate more traffic. Here are four ways to improve the visibility and traffic of your website through a blog …

1. A keyword strategy, what for?

When you create a blog, you usually have the option of including it in your company’s website tree structure. The advantage, in this case, lies in the possibility of enriching the content of your site and improving its semantic mesh.

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Before selecting the content to publish on the blog, start by asking yourself what are the keywords on which you would like to reference the site of your company. Classify them by thematic “families”, and do not hesitate to draw inspiration from this classification to design the entire architecture of the blog, according to the semantic cocoon method theorized by Laurent Bourrelly.

2. SEO, the lethal weapon of your business blog

You have already designed a keyword strategy: that’s good. But that will not be enough to land the first places in the search engine results pages.

Remember to optimize all the parameters of your blog pages: structure your articles using different levels of titles, caption images and videos. Consider including the previously selected keywords in the so-called “hot spots” of the pages, the titles and the catchphrase. Finally, check that your page can be indexed by search engine robots (avoid “noindex” and “nofollow” in meta tags).

Several tools, some of which are available in French, can help you improve your SEO, such as Seolius or SEMrush.

3. Titles, or how to attract people to your blog

The figures speak for themselves: if 8 out of 10 Internet users have a chance of reading the titles of your articles, only 2 out of 10 Internet users actually read the content associated with these titles, according to the famous Neil Patel, specialist in digital marketing at United States. So you’ll need to grab the viewer’s attention in seconds, with a catchy and engaging headline.

Bet on short titles and don’t be afraid to use strong words, as long as you don’t make false promises. Lists and numbers are also very popular with Internet users. Remember, a good headline will allow you to generate qualified traffic from many sources, including social media.

So, do not title “How I improved my turnover in a few days”: the information remains vague, the user is not sure of the type of content that he will find or its reliability. On the other hand, if you titled “17 ways to explode your company’s turnover in 30 days”, the Internet user is more likely to click: the number “17” evokes the profusion of advice and performance, while the expression “detonate” immediately creates a mental image. To go further on the subject, consult André Dubois’s method of Transformers titles.

4. Images, or how to keep people on your blog

If a good title attracts people to your blog, an image can help you keep them there. Indeed, a study by Skyword agency shows that articles with an image are seen on average 94% more than those which do not.

Select your images carefully: they must obviously have a direct connection with the article, and be correctly captioned. Do not forget to fill in the “alt” tag by inserting relevant keywords, since it also contributes to the SEO of your blog.

Don’t stop there!

If these four tracks are going to help you optimize your blog to generate more traffic, then you need to promote your articles to reach your goal. Relay each content on social networks, and don’t forget to drop a note to your professional network, but also to the sources used in the articles, to prevent an article from appearing. You could even benefit from a quality incoming link in the process!

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