How to improve the photos you upload to Instagram - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

There are several factors that we must take into account to improve the photos that we upload to Instagram. This platform is a social network that allows us to publish visual content (images and videos), so this topic is really important.

In addition, they have long since implemented the stories and have become very popular because people publish what they do daily. In the application there are millions of users who interact with other people every day and want to give a professional look to their profile photographs. What should we do to make that happen?

It is no secret to anyone that when uploading photos to Instagram We lose a little the quality of it thanks to the restrictions that the social network has. And a fundamental point to quickly upload followers has to do with the photos you upload to the platform. Today we are going to give you some tips for you to upload quality, crisp photos and in a good resolution for you to rain followers.

The size must be at least 640 x 640

Resolution is crucial when uploading a photo on the platform and usually our photographs are not in the size required by the application. The minimum is 640 X 640, and we recommend that you adjust the photo with an application external to Instagram. What happens if we don’t have the minimum resolution? When not reaching, Instagram resizes the photo when you cut it from the application itself. The procedure causes the photo to make a grid / pixelated effect that deteriorates the image. Therefore it is recommended that you have your photographs at a minimum size of 640 x 640 before uploading them.

Never take the picture with the Instagram camera

Instagram brings a camera application within the social network for occasions where we cannot activate the camera of our mobile. However, if you want the pictures to look good, you have to take them from the native camera of your smartphone. The same happens in Instagram as in WhatsApp, when taking a picture with the camera of the application, we lose a lot of quality and the same happens when we upload a story. On the other hand, it is recommended that you edit, cut and upload the final result of the photograph from the gallery.

Don’t overdo it with megapixels

The platform compresses the images in a surprising way and the heavy photos go down to poor quality. For all those people who have many megapixels on their mobile, we recommend that you do not exaggerate when taking pictures that are going to upload to Instagram because the platform will make a bad move.

Upload the photo with an iOS device

It’s annoying, but Instagram compresses iOS photos less than Android photos And we don’t know the reason for that. It should be noted that it is not fair for people who have Android devices, but it is recommended that you use an iOS to upload the photos. And in case you don’t believe us, you can do the test yourself trying to upload the same picture with different devices. We recommend that you take photos with your Android mobile, edit them, and upload with an iOS device.

Also remember that you must have a good terminal to take excellent photographs, not be the typical selfies and be as professional as possible in them. Remember to have an impeccable profile where you show your tastes, feelings, trips and personality, that is what will identify you among people. Use templates from, for example, they will help you.

Source: Wwwhatsnew