For all B2C e-commerce players, the sales period is an important event during which the acquisition of traffic will play a decisive role in turnover. I suggest my checklist of things to do to boost traffic during the sales via the various communication channels…

Google Adwords text ads

If you also have Bings ads, do the same!

Training & Co'm


  • With Google Adwords : plan to update the banners and text announcements of retargeting and increase the budget (production of banners specific to sales).
  • Update banners, text announcements and increase the budget display by targeting similar audiences (to your list of buyers for example) and re-setting up a little targeting by placements (take the opportunity to do an audit of audiences, combinations of audiences. For example, retarget buyers from previous sales ).
  • Reserve locations interesting on blogs / sites of your thematic or thematic which interest your buyers.
  • See if it’s worth putting up a little text display (via adwords).
  • See if it is interesting to set up type actions RTB or retargeting youtube video…

Google shopping

  • Prepare in advance Google shopping sales campaigns and run them a few days before (so that the same day the distribution is immediate).
  • Check the correct how your flows work and the scheduled import time on Google Merchant Center.
  • If you have constraints with the schedule of your feed, you must plan a update file for google shopping (price update on adwords in 5 minutes).
  • Segment your product groups by campaigns, if possible, then subdivide by product to be able to boost the bids on your star products or create an additional campaign by indicating a higher bid and with the google shopping parameter “distribution priority”: “high”.
  • provide promotion offers for better visibility of the results during the sales. Ex:Example Special offer, promotion id Google shopping

Social media

  • Prepare the communication which will be carried out on social networks, if possible plan publications in advance.
  • Provide a specific budget for sponsored posts on Facebook
  • Prepare classic announcements (on the right side of Facebook) or with products.


  • Prepare your communication and segment your base to optimize performance.
  • Provide rental of emailing files interesting.
  • Set up or put back in place Retargeting email especially for cart abandonments (ex: VE interactive).
  • Test Sponsored Gmail.Has anyone tested the system yet?


  • Not a lot of specific actions, just one sales page optimized, some content related to sales on the Home Page and specific categories.

Other media (if budget large enough)

  • If you have enough budget to do it, TV, radio and other non-web media can be very interesting, just look at the intensive use that big e-commerce players like Cdiscount make …

So much for my quick checklist for boost traffic to your e-commerce site during sales. If you do other interesting actions in terms of ROI, do not hesitate to comment! In any case if the turnover increases well thanks to a strong traffic during this important period, you can be satisfied!

Satisfaction with e-commerce traffic increasing

Good sales to all!

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