CWT Advertising and construction: if, a priori, nothing seems to link these two sectors, there are nevertheless real interests to use webmarketing for your construction company. Indeed, the web is everywhere today and having a successful business without having a successful online presence is very rare …

If you are not yet convinced, I present in this article some keys to quickly understand the reasons why a good web marketing strategy is essential today for all companies in the construction sector. You’re in luck, because a well-managed web strategy can adapt to all needs and above all, to all budgets.

Many companies use web marketing for one good reason: to generate more sales, regardless of the sector of activity. Of course, the construction industry is no exception to this rule.

Create a powerful website: between user experience and conversion

The first step to generate more sales through web marketing is to create a successful website. A competitive site allows you to be easily visible on search engines and to effectively convert Internet users’ visits to your pages.

First think about the design of your website. I advise you to use a web design agency that will know better than you how to use the best CMS and above all, how to make the user experience exceptional.

Then you can focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in other words, the natural referencing of your website; allowing it to be visible on search engines, such as Google. Again, do not hesitate to call on an agency specializing in natural referencing.

Take care of your image on social networks

Your image on social networks is essential since it is not uncommon to see Internet users go to the main social platforms, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for example, to collect information on the company with which they would like to sign a quote. You can therefore communicate with your potential customers through your social pages and above all, project a beautiful image of your projects and your business in the broad sense.

Make no mistake, the majority of users inquire before signing contracts with a company. Social media is a showcase for your business, so make people want to follow you, meet you, and get to know you.

A Google My Business page: essential web marketing tool

Your Google My Business or Google Business page is a free tool that can provide you with a detailed listing on the first page of Google search results. From your phone number to your address, via your schedules, Internet users can find essential information about your business.

Thanks to this sheet, users will also be able to know the opinions and comments that your previous customers have left you. This dimension is very important since people often base themselves on opinions and reputation before choosing to work with a company.