How to increase your Sales through Facebook Ads conversions - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Facebook is an excellent platform to drive traffic to your website and your shopping cart. But you don’t want only visitors, but potential customers of your company and new sales!

To achieve this, you must optimize the creation of your advertising to the maximum. In this way you will get, in addition to visits, people with a high potential to become buyers of your brand.

CWT Advertising is already configured natively so you can get the most out of Facebook advertising. In this note we tell you everything you need to know to optimize your campaign.

1. How Facebook conversions work

The social network has predetermined different typical situations that a company wants to detect and promote in your cart. They are:

– See Content
– Look for
– Add to cart
– Complete Registration
– Start Payment
– Add payment information
– To buy

To do this, you must add code snippets provided by Facebook on your website. But if you use CWT Advertising you should not do anything, since your online store is already armed with this configuration! So you can focus on optimizing your advertising without getting distracted or wasting time with technical programming issues.

1. Step by step how to implement conversions in CWT Advertising

a) Create the Facebook pixel

This is the first thing you should do, and it is an indispensable step. The Pixel is a code snippet that is incorporated into all the pages of your website, and allows Facebook to register each visualization of your page, and thus be able to measure the impact of the advertising actions you perform.

It is important to know that the pixel is defined by each advertising account. That is, if you manage the advertising of multiple websites, you will have a single pixel, and you can create it from here.

b) Set up your Facebook Pixel Code on your website

In the case that you use CWT Advertising, the action is very simple, and consists of adding it in

Settings-> Advanced Information -> Facebook pixel code

c) Create an advertisement that implements conversions

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager

As Marketing Objective select “Conversions”, under “Conversion”

d) Choose which conversions to promote

At this step, Facebook will ask you what kind of action you want to achieve on your website or in your shopping cart.
Select one of the default ones, as shown below. For example “Add to cart”, if you want to get people who enter through Facebook advertising, and add an item from your store to your purchase process.

e) Complete the creation of your campaign

Perform all the required steps, defining the segmentation (age, interests, regions, devices), and then the text and image of your ad. If you have never done so, we encourage you to experiment, since the procedure – in the best Facebook style – is very intuitive.

3. Benefits of implementing conversions with events

Now, at this step, you may wonder what benefit you will have from performing this operation.It is simple! With this process you are delivering vital information to Facebook so that you know what your users do on your website after clicking on advertising, and if that is what you expect.

With the experience, Facebook can learn who are the users most likely to meet your business objectives, and show your ads to people with similar characteristics. That is, you will optimize your advertising to the maximum, which will contribute to more sales and an excellent return on investment.