How to maintain a healthy daily lifestyle when you are an entrepreneur? -

Being an entrepreneur often means living at 100 miles an hour and letting yourself be carried away by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a shame when you have the ability to tailor a schedule for yourself. However, many entrepreneurs draw on their energy reserves, placing their customer missions before their health. But to last over time, taking care of your body and mind is essential for any independent person. So, how do you give meaning to your life as an entrepreneur and maintain a healthy daily lifestyle when you are an entrepreneur?

When we are an entrepreneur, we sometimes have to deal with unforeseen situations. Some materialize in free time, sometimes unsettling, because not anticipated.

So, how do you optimize your breaks when you want to become a successful entrepreneur?

Here are my tips if you have in front of you:

  • 5 minutes: pick up your phone and start a short cardiac coherence video to work on your breathing and get rid of everyday stress;
  • 15 minutes: I recommend a guided breathing video “Wim Hof”, this force of nature, to calm your mind;
  • 30 minutes: If you are at home, and you have little time to move, engage in a hiit (high intensity interval training) or a series of muscle strengthening exercises to tone your body and insert a touch of physical activity in your schedule;
  • 1 hour: Oxygenate yourself, take your sneakers and get out in the air with a jogging or brisk walking session!
  • 2 hours: If you have a large window in front of you, challenge yourself to 10,000 steps to exercise gently! If you have a green space nearby, take advantage of it!

If you work in a coworking space or at the client’s, you can also optimize your time differently:

If you have in front of you:

  • 5 minutes. : do a cardiac coherence exercise;
  • 15 minutes: engage in a “Wim Hof” breathing session;
  • 30 minutes: take your little notebook and give free rein to your pen to deposit your gratitudes / your feelings / your mental load… In short, free yourself from your ailments with words!

-> on your lunch break: eat and take a digestive walk

-> during the day: listen to binaural sounds or do some discreet weight training in your chair (type on Google “bodybuilding at the office)

With optimized breaks, you will see that you will end the day refreshed!

How to eat easily and healthily when you are an entrepreneur?

When you are an entrepreneur, time can quickly run out. Between meetings, administrative and commercial procedures, meals can quickly go by the wayside. However, eating well means making energy and money gains, but above all it is an investment in one’s mental and physical health in the long term. So here are some tips for investing in yourself through food when you are an entrepreneur:

1 / Organize your races thanks to anticipation

Prepare your basic foods:

  • Protein : eggs, frozen fish, chicken
  • Starchy (limit gluten): Rice, legumes (lentils, beans), sweet potatoes, corn, rice noodles, spelled bread (or gluten free)
  • Vegetables : seasonal (market) + provide some frozen food
  • Dairy products : yoghurts without sugar
  • Lipids : olive oil, semi-salted butter, oilseeds
  • Fruits : in season, to cook in the evening

Build up your reserves:

  • Frozen (vegetables / fish)
  • Soups (vegetables / fish)
  • Oilseeds
  • Preserved tuna or sardines or mackerel
  • Compotes without added sugar
  • Legumes (red beans, lentils)
  • Multipurpose starches (oats, polenta, rice)
  • Spices: cinnamon / curry / cumin / soy sauce
  • Condiment: liquid cooking cream

Fall for small occasional pleasures:

  • 85% dark chocolate
  • A good dessert
  • A good wine
  • A Comté / goat / burrata type cheese

2 / Plan your meals

Visualize the number of meals to plan to anticipate the quantities and the weekly budget to adapt.

3 / Show creativity on your plate

Example of a healthy express meal (noon):

  • Homemade poke bowl (Sardines, rice, raw vegetables / steamed vegetables)
  • Vegetable omelet
  • Noodles and stir-fried vegetables, oilseeds,
  • Baked mackerel / grilled vegetables / rice
  • Vegetable soup / boiled egg / wholemeal bread
  • Bruschetta mozzarella / tomatoes / salad

Examples of balanced meals (evening):

  • Chicken curry / rice
  • Goat cheese / spinach quiche and salad
  • Asian wok: animal or vegetable protein + rice noodles / rice + carrots / broccoli / seasoned mushrooms (soy sauce / miso / ginger …)
  • Baked mackerel / rice / creamed spinach
  • Pumpkin puree / butternut / sweet potato / grilled chicken breast
  • Mushroom / salad omelet
  • Baked salmon or mackerel / polenta / spinach

Provide cooking day / time for the week + anticipation of meals

4 / Invest in the right utensils to save time

  • Blender / mixer
  • Pressure cooker
  • Rice cooker

And you, do you find the time to eat balanced without breaking the bank?


Maintaining a good standard of living as an entrepreneur and mastering a healthy lifestyle requires a certain organization and routines to be put in place. But in the long run, the gain is enormous: better health, reduced stress, better quality sleep and above all endurance! Because entrepreneurship is a marathon for which it is better to be prepared. So to undertake in the long term, it is better to rest healthy foundations in your daily life today. This is how you will be the entrepreneur of your company, but also of your life and your health.