Would you like to earn extra money? Would you like to know how to monetize your current skills to make money? If so, this article is great for you. If you are like most people, you have accumulated over time through your job a ton of experience that people would pay to take advantage of a small share and from which you could gain a certain profit …

Even if you already have a full-time job, that doesn’t stop you from multiplying your sources of income. Because having more income means more freedom, more family vacations, a secure future for your family and better schools for your children. Things that the single wage does not accomplish.

Many people are desperately looking for ways to make money on the web, and if you type in Google ” earn money on the internet “, You will see thousands of results. It says a lot about the will of people to be able to secure their future, because the current job no longer guarantees anything. Pôle Emploi is dead. You only have to see the many social plans and factory closings that the media show all day long.

In this article, you will discover the path you have to take to find your way in the online training business since that is what we are talking about here.

Understanding the potential of online training

The business of online formation is a certain reality. According to the Didacte site, this market is around $ 200 billion and that of distance education is $ 107 billion. If you have the flair, you will understand at once that there is a place to take, because it is a market which is in full growth.

This is explained by the abandonment of the traditional school which no longer provides much and which is overwhelmed by the rapid changes of the current century. In addition, people no longer want long training courses which will take them five years of their life to have, upon leaving school, the obligation to fight a titanic fight to obtain an acceptable job. People want something concrete, fast, and immediately applicable.

Realizing the potential of this market is not essential. This is only the premise of the path to follow.

Starting the online training business is not something you can do in improvisation. To this must be added preparation both in terms of the knowledge to be taught and the material to be used. Fortunately, many platforms exist to facilitate a quick start.

Step 1: Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses

To start this activity, one of the first things to do is to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses.

If you have had experience in a position or in a trade that calls for several skills, it is necessary to determine which ones you are the best for. The important thing is to choose a skill that you master well, because people will pay you for your ability to give them the most of yourself. It will therefore be necessary to fully insure.

Among your weaknesses and shortcomings, you may find that you are uncomfortable when dealing with a group of people. You are shy and introverted. This means that in this case, you should probably record your videos before sharing or one-to-one with your students. In which case private coaching will take on more meaning.

Step 2: Make an inventory of the equipment necessary to get started

Even if getting started in online training does not require a very expensive investment, there is the prerequisite to have:

  • Own a computer;
  • Have a good internet connection;
  • Have screen capture software;
  • Acquire word processor software;
  • Be declared to the tax authorities as an independent entrepreneur.

Because yes: training people is a business like any other and if you make a profit, you will have to declare it to be in good standing the taxman and not to incur penal and financial sanctions which would ruin your life for so little.

Step 3: Determine the specific skill to teach

In the assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, you should have seen what your strengths were and what you could easily monetize. The important thing in this step is to list the skill for which you are the Maestro. If you discover that you have worked 8 years in digital marketing, it is very likely that you have acquired various skills in this discipline. Unfortunately, for practical purposes, you cannot teach all of digital marketing. It’s a very broad field, you will agree. It would be best to split your training into modules. For example, you can do training on mastering Facebook advertising or on social media management. The purpose of this maneuver is to make your work easier and to offer your learners concrete and applicable training immediately afterwards.

Step 4: Find the platform to use

The advantage in online training is that entrepreneurs have made it easier for you.

Before to get started in this business, you had to build your own platform and it could cost thousands of euros.

Today there are many platforms on the market. Even if the majority is Anglo-Saxon, there are French platforms.

But before choosing your platform, you must first validate certain characteristics according to your needs and objectives:

  • Is the platform reliable?
  • Does the platform have a large community of students (important to determine the profitability potential)?
  • Does the platform charge a fee to subscribe to the service?
  • What percentage takes the platform from each course sold?
  • Does the platform provide tools for creation, course management, marketing and promotion?

All these questions will allow you to make the choice based on what you expect.

Once you have chosen your platform, it is time to register to start your online trainer business.

Step 5: Create your training

Creating your course shouldn’t be a titanic struggle.

Most platforms will provide you with the tools to create your course from A to Z. Others will share video tutorials to help you get started with their website. This is the important step, where you need to design your course. It should be noted that you must give your best. No common measure. The best if nothing. You will be judged on the effectiveness of your course and your first students will be your ambassadors. You understand why you really have to give the Must.

The secret tip is not to start from scratch. You just have to go and see how other trainers have structured their course. How do they organize their content? How many modules do they mostly make? Really, there is no time to waste here.

Step 6: Promote your course

The majority of platforms claim to promote your courses. But make no mistake, no one will do it better than yourself.

Keep in mind that you are the salesperson of your business. To promote your business, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, because there are ways you can really get known for a few things.

Here are some tips to help you.

Create your blog and publish articles

Unless you come from another planet, you already know what a blog is. Having a blog will be crucial to give visibility to your activity. If you have done a course on mastering Facebook advertising, you can set up a blog that talks about web marketing. Some of the visitors who will come may be interested in your course, because the blog will have served to establish your expertise. By publishing quality articles, you create a link with your audience; she will trust you and will therefore be quick to buy what you are going to offer.

Make guest articles on high traffic sites

Guest blogging is definitely the way to go to a new audience that we would like to have. If you have even 10% of traffic from a big site, you already have a little treasure. All that’s left to do is convert them to your blog using email capture tools. You can then encourage them to buy your course.

Actively participate in Facebook or LinkedIn groups

Networking is very important when you want to have visibility online. There is no question that you would spend whole hours in these groups. The idea is to participate in the debate, to help, to provide answers. Thereafter, you will be able to put a smart link of your course in an answer following a question from a member.

In short, here are some ideas that you can use to give visibility to your course.

In conclusion

Finding a place in the online training market is not difficult. With specific skills, a desire to succeed, a choice of platform, you can start becoming a web entrepreneur in two weeks. If you were still looking for ways to make money on the web, becoming a trainer on course platforms is an idea that has very profitable potential. It would be a shame to miss such an opportunity. The key word is “action”.

Have you already started this business? What are you waiting for ? We’re waiting to read your reviews.