How to promote an unknown service on the web? 2020 -

SEO is used to be visible in Google results when the user searches for you. But if your business is new, your products and services are unknown, how could you be searched? Your potential customer cannot directly search for your offer if he does not even know of its existence …

The site is in this case. Its service, in the automated valuation of real estate, is the first to exist in Belgium. After some research to promote it, I would like to share these tracks. They will be useful for any entrepreneur wishing to make themselves known, him and his offer.

1. Make yourself known through the most popular sites

To promote your website, start with let you know you. Become as popular as possible on the internet! Register on recognized platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn. Introduce yourself on these sites and mention yours. Thus, anyone accessing your profile page will learn about your site.

2. Communicate on sites close to your audience

The more you communicate on popular sites, which are visited by your target audience, the more you will gain visibility. Your potential customers will see your name through their readings and you will gain notoriety. Why not intervene in the form of comments on blogs on your topic ?

3. Shout Your Existence

When you meet someone, take an interest in them and they will be interested in you. Listen to him, make him speak about his activity, his passions, … As soon as you have the opportunity, tell him your site. Give him your URL and explain it to him:

  • Why do you have some difficulty publicizing your service;
  • How you want to educate your audience;
  • Why your service is super interesting and really deserves to be known …

Shout your existence

The last point is very important to mention. It will raise awareness and make them want to visit and talk about your site.

4. Think of merchandising

Why not wear a t-shirt with your name, logo and web address written in large on the back? If you travel a lot by car, you could have your car personalized, in your colors, with your logo and URL indicated above.

PS: I just took a look and we can easily find workshops that will personalize your car, such as Atelier M. It is also possible to color your automobile at lower cost via platforms such as

5. Communicate in the local press

Whether you want to market your offer only in your region or internationally, start by communicating near you. The public will be more sensitive to it. And if you are targeting international markets, he might very well be delighted to talk about your service which is located in his own neighborhood.

Another advantage, communicating in a local newspaper is much less expensive than in the national and international press. Do not hesitate to contact journalists near you.

6. Go to sporting events and…

Why not go to the football stadium and … brandish your name ? Ok, so as not to advertise too much, you could put it in the club’s colors, display its logo and yours. And don’t forget to add your URL to it. In addition, even at the stadium, the supporter could well have his smartphone with him and go take a look at your site while waiting for the start of the match.

7. Make Your Site Sexy

If your site is cool, your audience will be more attracted to it. He will talk about it more easily around him and will promote you.

Give it a domain name that you can easily remember. Consider that this name is evocative in relation to your sector of activity. Another way to be memorable is to introduce humor into your name.


These tips will help you to promote yourself, even if you are unknown at the start. Bonus, you will gradually go up in Google results. Have you ever tested any? Which ?

I’m also waiting for your promo tips in the comments.