How to promote your SME or your business locally? 2020 -

Local advertising for local activity

Craftsmen, traders or liberal professions are all professionals who want to make themselves visible on Google locally. Indeed, a heating engineer in Auxerre will have no interest in being contacted by potential customers in Paris.

The local advertising campaigns on Google Adwords allow you to make yourself visible to prospects looking for your services and who are geographically close or interested in your catchment area. They can contact you, make an online reservation or go directly to one of your addresses from these ads.

When people search for businesses near them on the Google search network or Google Maps, they can see nearby ads showing your business. These work in the same way as classic adwords ads.

Benefits of Local Pubs

  • Summon more store visitors by being visible more quickly to customers who move close to your establishments.
  • Receive calls directly from the announcements.
  • Promote your business by redirecting Internet users to a page specific to your establishment and presenting: opening hours, addresses, reviews or photos.

Entrusting visibility to CWT Advertising

Because the local advertising has specific features, CWT Advertising has set up a local Adwords campaign offer which allows to reach a maximum of prospects in the catchment area.

With years of experience in online advertising campaigns, we’re able to meet your growth goals. If you haven’t tried online advertising yet, we can help you set up and manage your account. If you already have an account, we will boost your campaigns to make your activity as efficient as possible.

Whatever the size of your business, we see our relationship as a long-term partnership where our main objective is to allow you to boost your performance while proving its effectiveness.

For this, our missions are above all part of a quality approach, the watchword of any good local advertising campaign.

Our strong points

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Transparent and simple rates
  • No time commitment
  • 100% Adwords certified experts
  • Culture of performance
  • Google Partner Agency