We are not going to teach you that to succeed in your marketing strategies, you must first know the target audience that you want to reach! But are you sure you are working with the right prospects? If your business development is slowing down and the prospects that you manage to convince are not enough to guarantee your commercial profitability, it is a safe bet that your targeting strategy needs to be overhauled. Here are the keys to conducting a relevant analysis of your prospects which will allow you to realign your marketing and sales forces, and make you gain in commercial efficiency!

Identify your prospect profiles

Even if you think you know your prospects on the fingertips, reality is not always in line with your thinking. With the development of the internet and access to generalized information, your prospects have constantly evolving problems, and at great speed.

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To have a relevant targeting strategy, it is advisable to update it every 6 months or 1 year. The results do not change at all in such a short period of time, but this can allow you to bring out new issues that interest your prospects. You can work on them, approach them to capture the attention of your target, in order to gain ground over your competition. It is important to always be up to date stakes of your targets. Otherwise they may evolve without you noticing.

Audit your client portfolio

In many cases, companies focus on prospect profiles that are easy to convince but unprofitable, to the detriment of targets that would allow them to grow their business, simply by readjusting their strategy.

Thanks to a audit of your client portfolio, you may find that some are more profitable than others. Do not hesitate to list and interview them to understand their behavior, their needs, their questions. What are they different from the others? Get to know them to find out how to reach prospects who look like them in your future strategies.

At the same time, also analyze the profile of your customers who earn you little, because they have synergies with the most profitable targets. This will allow you to graduate the challenges and interests of prospects, and to bring out the specific dynamics that belong only to your high added value prospects to make sure you have a very fine targeting strategy.

Compile your testimonials and establish persona profiles

Now that you know your targets at your fingertips, you have to realize that in the panel of prospects that you have identified, different interests emerge, right? Although these typologies vary according to the sectors, we often find great types of interests, especially in BtoB (technical profile, manager profile, design profile, etc.) that will allow you to segment your target core according to their main stake, and thus to build by following a marketing strategy that will challenge them effectively!

Adapt your marketing and commercial actions accordingly

You now know the interests of your targets and their typical profile. This means that you are able to understand where they learn, learn when they want to make a purchase. Trade fairs, websites, social networks, general or specialized press … Invest in the communication places where they are located to attract a maximum of new customers.

Knowing your target is knowing what they want

To activate effective marketing levers, it is not enough for you to propel any content on the communication channels that your prospects frequent. Marketing is often limited to promoting content when targets expect concrete responses to the questions they ask.

Yes, you will understand, it is a good idea to set up an inbound marketing technique to adapt your marketing strategy to your prospects and thus make your efforts grow! So the idea is indeed to bring prospects to the company rather than interrupting them with polluting formats.

To interest its targets is to carry out specific communications

Your new target segmentation has made it possible to highlight different areas of interest, so we will have to create communications that answer their questions, but not only! Your prospects go through stages of maturity who show their progress in their purchasing thinking.

Concretely, a prospect who is just starting to think about a project does not ask the same type of questions as a prospect who is already in the process of selecting service providers. So we will have to also segment your communications based on these questions related to their buying thinking maturity. For example, an infographic containing key figures is effective in getting prospects to think about their industry, and expert testimony will be better suited to evaluate different solutions or to help select a service provider.

Digital prospecting, a new way to reach prospects

Today, 66% of B2B prospects have already chosen their solution even before meeting a salesperson, according to a SiriusDecisions study. It is therefore a question for companies of getting in touch with their target by means of communication other than the commercial.

Much more effective than telephone prospecting, the digital prospecting allows you to use the full potential of the Internet to reach and interest your targets who no longer respond to conventional means of prospecting. A clever mix of social selling, audience acquisition and system automation, it allows you to capture the attention of your targets, where they are: on the Internet.