A practice that has agitated the web for several years, content marketing combined with an inbound strategy, remains an effective approach to generate new leads, develop your brand, improve your image and generate new income. However, having a content-oriented approach can be difficult. The reason is simple: you have to write a lot, regularly, and produce quality articles. Ultimately, shortness of breath is a risk that can affect marketing and communication teams …

It is therefore often necessary to renew, and for this, nothing better than a new year which begins soon, with its share of good resolutions! The goal here is to reinvent your content marketing to gain consistency and efficiency. No doubt that with these few ideas and good practices in mind, you can find your new rhythm and regenerate your organization, your approach and your style to structure your strategy.

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Start the year with an audit

In the digital world, trends evolve quickly and you must always be able to question yourself at all times. Except that in a small team where we sometimes lack resources, or in a larger team where deadlines are always tighter, it can be difficult to have a fresh look at their professional practice.

An audit will allow you to highlight what you are doing well and what can be improved. Based on figures and best practices, this is an opportunity to review your workflow from A to Z, from the initial idea to sharing your content, including web optimization, SEO, writing process, etc.

The interest of the audit lies in the fact that it will focus on your content, but also on your organization, the way you manage your projects, the tools you use, etc. This is the substance, the form and the organizational technique. The consultant’s job is therefore to accompany you to understand your approach and work with you on areas for improvement to be even more efficient and productive in 2017.

Formalize your strategy

Does your service, unit or department clearly have a shared, clear, readable strategy that is widely accepted? Are you able to define, without thinking more than 20 seconds, the editorial line of your blog? If you get sick tomorrow morning, is there a clearly defined process for who has the authority to replace you, validate the articles, publish them and take over without causing serious organizational problems? In the event of a social media crisis or bad buzz, do you have a contingency plan ready to be deployed?

All of these questions are simply the result of a good strategy that needs to be formalized and updated regularly. No need to get tangled up in a fifty-page administrative document! A three-page summary may suffice if everything is well organized. It’s up to you to keep the right balance between flexibility and structure.

To reinvent your content marketing, you first need to make sure your organization is flawless on the subject. If not (yet), start by reinventing it to give a boost that is essential to the way you produce content.

Optimize your titles

For an article to be read, it must be able to grab the reader’s attention. However, the front door often remains the catchphrase chosen to illustrate your article. You should spend at least as much time choosing your title and chapô as writing the article itself. It’s a driving force behind virality that will make it easier to share your content.

If it’s tempting to take inspiration from buzz sites with clickbait-like headlines from far away, be sure to make sure that this approach is in line with your editorial line and strategy (see previous point). Also make sure your metadata is complete when sharing your content on Facebook or Twitter. The Open Graph that appears must be perfect with a clear visual and a summary or catchphrase that should make you want.

Finally, never betray your readers by providing content that does not reflect what they would expect. This is an essential rule.

Test the adaptive content

Your site or blog is probably already adapted for mobile browsing, which is a prerequisite, but you can go much further with adaptive content. The principle is relatively simple: adapting the design of a site on mobile is not enough. You don’t read the same way on a mobile phone as you do on a large computer screen. It is therefore necessary to adapt the content to the device used. This is like creating multiple versions of the same article (but we can start with a phone version and a tablet / computer version) to display the right one at the right time.

Even if the reading comfort has considerably increased with the most recent phones and their large screens, the reading context is different. The reader on the move is easily annoying, has less time and is not as attentive or focused. All the more reason to give him only what he needs: concise, compact and efficient information, without wasting time.

If the subject captivates him, you can always link to the long and detailed version. Otherwise, a short and summarized version will always be more effective in a world where the 10-second video and the swipe to go from one information to another have become preponderant.

This logic also applies to your mobile app. You can differentiate your content between the phone application and the tablet application, the latter being a more comfortable and intuitive reading medium.

Bet on video and diversify your content

Whether embedded in your content or having its own expression space on your blog, video is a medium in which it is more than ever urgent to invest. There are many creative possibilities, and you can bet on formats to share on social networks. Many tools like Adobe Spark, Powtoon or Animoto are there to make your life easier if you do not have the budget or the resources to hire a dedicated team or an external agency. The video must be complementary with other content such as traditional text, image galleries, infographics, podcast, vlog, etc.

To not tire your audience, your content marketing must be constantly reinventing itself. If the constant search for novelty should not be done at the expense of substance, it must guide your creativity and energize your team.

With a good organization in place, a well-established structure and dynamic, adapted and diversified content, you have the controls in hand to make your content marketing soar in 2017!

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